This Dino-Man Photoshops Himself Into Famous People’s Photos


Actor Lorenz Valentino, also known as Dino, has a unique approach to getting close to the stars, actors, singers and politicians he loves. Instead of elbowing through crowds or entering packed arenas to catch a distant glimpse of larger-than-life personalities, he cozies up to them personally through the magic of Photoshop, wearing a funny Dino costume.

With Kylie Jenner

With Kim Kardashian

With Taylor Swift

Photobombing a classic V-J Day ’45 photo


Good times at Two And A Half Men

Join the dark side!

Supporting Daniel Craig

With Kim Jong-un

Hide and seek with Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez

With Gigi Hadid

Running with Star Wars cast

Dancing with Madonna

… and Hillary Clinton

Received his knighthood from Her Majesty the Queen

Time travel with Doc and Marty

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