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German Artist Shows What’s Problematic About Modern Societies In His Illustrations

Art is a perfect way to communicate and highlight all the issues and problems that arise. It is also a means to open people’s eyes and let them finally see things that were swept under the rug and not touched for the longest time.

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Steffen Kraft, also known as Iconeo, creates thought-provoking illustrations that enable one to self-reflect and to see the world from a different point of view. His drawings are impressive and communicate important messages that come from observing our modern society. Which one is the most relatable to you?

Steffen Kraft is a graphic designer and an illustrator from Germany. Some time ago, Steffen revealed to Bored Panda that he used to work in an advertising agency, but it wasn’t something he wanted to pursue in his life. It was “far away from being an artist.” For Steffen, it is important to express something in illustrations, not just make momentary images that people are overwhelmed with already.

Steffen’s creativity does not have any boundaries. He has developed an unique style that perfectly fits with the themes he visualizes. The artist manages to illustrate the world and everything that surrounds us with simple, yet surprising and thought-provoking drawings. That’s the power of art and talent.

The artist tries to turn complex political, social and environmental themes into simple and provoking illustrations that everybody can easily understand and maybe even feel the need to discuss with others. That’s the goal for Steffen.

By depicting and pointing to some problems that our society faces, the artist also manages to motivate people to change something about it, to be more conscious, active and creative.

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