Daily Inspirations no. 409

Let’s start with some love :) … check the kangaroo hug photo in the very first section. Seems like they’re seeing each other after quite a while. The ones looking for quality illustrations … make sure not to miss the Strangers in a strange land by Slide, which is my personal favorite at least. Amazing, isn’t it? There are some nice pieces in the art / digital art section as well. My picks are two paintings … seems I’m inclined to traditional art today .). To be concrete it’s Polain by Cristian Blanxer and the one right below called Poppies in the mist by Valerie Anne Kelly. You may guess which ad made me laugh the most … you’re right, it’s the very first one called Oreo: Basic instinct by Cheil Worldwide, Seoul, South Korea. Oreo does have some creative ads … let me tell ya. At the bottom, you’ll find a nice freebie … it’s another set of icons. Enjoy!

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“Extinction can’t be fixed” – WWF advertising

“Extinction can’t be fixed” – WWF advertising for Gonzaga Manso.
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Mother duck and ducklings enjoy meals at deli

A duck named Dizzy has been visiting the Hairy Fig delicatessen in York, UK, over the past two years for a snack and ever since she’s had babies, the mother duck has been leading her brood of a dozen ducklings to the eatery for their morning meal. Dizzy and ducklings wait for the store to open and proprietor Sue Hardie said, “Dizzy is a loner and gets chased by geese, but she knows she is well fed and looked after here. She waits for me outside the shop before we open. She used to walk into the shop to be fed every morning but we had to put a stop to that.” Scraps and crumbs of bread are usually on the menu and the ducks are happy to eat directly off the sidewalk before returning home to their pond. via Hungeree

Animalia Editorial by The Weather Chanel

Animal Print is the new animal print. Always in fashion but never completely, loved and hated, leopards and zebras takes part every season. Of course, the animal print is not here to stay, it has been here before fashion itself.

So to celebrate its primitivism, The Weather Chanel proposes a light dressing with animals in natural conditions and model in natural conditions.

Photo: Ber Arce.

Concept and art direction: Ber Arce, The Weather Girl.

Production: The Weather Girl.

Model: Belén Ibañez.

Collaborator: Martin Garrido.

Happy Sant Jordi’s day

“La Diada de Sant Jordi” is on April, 23rd every year. Sant Jordi’s day is Saint George’s Day in Barcelona and Catalunya. Known as “The Day of Lovers” it is a beautiful day full of romance, roses and books.

The legend, which you probably know, is that Saint Jordi slew a dragon to save a princess and then gave her a red rose from a rose bush which sprouted in the place where the dragon’s red blood had spilled. This legend has inspired Catalunya to create Sant Jordi’s day as a Catalan version of Valentine’s day. On Sant Jordi’s day, men in Catalunya give their sweetheart(s) a red rose, and in recent years, women have started giving a book in return.

by puxxle.yoyo.es

Daily Inspirations no. 408

Hi guys! It’s Monday and if you didn’t party too hard you should be relaxed and ready for new set of quality design inspirations I am about to present. As usual we’ll be starting with several nice photos … is a hard choice to pick one or two of them, as every single one deserves to be featured. Anyway, make sure to check the amazing ice cold nature photo called Transmission by Karsten Wrobel. The other one I like a lot is the girl with freckles … unfortunately we couldn’t find the author, but I am sure you’ll forgive us :). We got some cool illustrations right below as well. I’ll pick just one of them .. simply because it’s very unique, and that’s what counts when speaking of inspiration. The artwork is called Unwritten by Jacques Marcotte. I bet you like it! My favorite section, typography brought us three cool artworks. The middle one is my favorite. At the very end, make sure to check today’s freebie … a nice party flyer. Enjoy!

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All the Wild Horses by Andrew McGibbon

For thousands of years the horse has been mankind’s closest ally. The horse made travel and development possible. We tethered, weighted and reigned them. We captured, stabled and trained them. Ever willing, the horse was the magnificent tool of man’s ingenuity. The Horse is a beast of legend, taking on its own character, personality, emotion and mythology. However, with the advent of the steam engine the horse was made obsolete, and now they are resigned to the realm of shows and races, a world of equestrian sport, a mere shadow of the beast’s former glory. ’All The Wild Horses’ is a tribute to the beast that has made much of what we call life possible. The images are unique and have a style to them reminiscent of the portraiture of the rich and famous. The artist has attempted, and succeeded, to show a sense of personality and emotion – sadness in some cases and pride in others.

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Enjoy this cool #270 Monday daily inspi­ra­tions for all DYT read­ers :) with great pho­tos and artworks.

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Enjoy this cool #269 Saturday daily inspi­ra­tions for all DYT read­ers :) with great pho­tos and artworks.

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Put Your Dog To Work

Check out this ingenious dog powered chariot

Adorable Dog Over the Shoulder Fashion Shots

How cute are these puppies! Photographer Emily Shur created this spring story for the current issue of Paper Magazine. Hilarious! Without ever showing a model’s face, Shur constructs a powerful fashion series with her use of a consistently stark background, simple lighting, and of course, cute animals.

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Rare Purple Crab Species Identified in Threatened Palawan Biodiversity

A rare species of purple crabs called the Insulamon palawanense is among four new crab species recently discovered in a research programme on the island of Palawan. Scientists at the Senckenberg Research Institute in Dresden and De La Salle University in Manila have discovered the specie during their Aqua Palawana research programme. The unique biodiversity in which the species were found is under threat. The new crab species found are endemic to only a few islands and are unable to spread elsewhere. Around 50 per cent of the species living on Palawan are defined as endemic, as they are exclusively native to the island.

A particularly colourful new species: Insulamon palawanense.

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Award-Winning Shots From The 2012 Underwater Photo Contest

Intrepid photographers submitted over 700 underwater images for the 2012 Underwater Photography Contest and an adorable red sea slug grinning for the camera was awarded the contest’s star. The annual contest, put on by the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science, showcases the colorful creatures typically beneath reach and awards prizes in three categories: macro, fish or marine animal portrait, and wide angle.

Fan Favorite: Todd Aki Sea nettle Chrysaora quinquecirrh taken on an early morning shore dive off the Breakwater — Monterey, California, USA

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Daily Inspirations no. 407

Finally it’s Friday again. Already looking forward the weekend … I am sure I am not the only one .). Before we leave though, let’s take a look what kind of inspirations did my guys prepare for us today. Expect quality stuff only :). Seems, today’s illustration section is strong … there are several illustrations I like. Make sure to check Perserverance by Jennifer Healy, Knight by Tahra and Dark Velvet by BaoPham. If you already digested these three, let’s move to art / digital art section. There are another exciting pieces. For example Butterfly Effect by Yuri Laptev and L’Officiel Hommes Italia by Ricardo Fumanal. Just thinking which artwork would be good enough to finish this intro with … well, seems I found one. Check the typography artwork by Mats Ottdal. Nice one. Enjoy the weekend!

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Bambi chair by Kamina & C

A sweet and awesome stool created by Japanese designer Kamina & C.

MORE INFO & IMAGES > Bambi chair by Kamina & C
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