Enjoy this cool #268 Friday daily inspi­ra­tions for all DYT read­ers :) with great pho­tos and artworks.

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Fresh & Creative Minimal Art & Film Poster Designs Inspiration

I Absolutely love these star wars & 8-bit Film Poster Designs!! Really good photo manipulations in this post as well. I hope it inspires you to be creative on your next print or web design projects.

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Hand Paintings


Daily Inspirations no. 401

Seems today’s photography section is presenting human, well let’s be specific, female beauty only. There are some hot artworks such as the Color of Beats by Chinese Yanzhou Bao, Destiny by David Terrazas or Marianna by Joanna Kustra. Of course there are several more, not less creative than the ones presented above. From today’s illustrations I like the retro Volkswagen illustration / poster by Marcelo Schultz called Volkswagen “Bubble”. The ones into traditional art, make sure to check the brilliant sketches by Tomasz Usyk. So far my overall favorite today! Hmm, just found another hot piece in the typography section by Marcelo Schultz called Nike – Just Do It! That’s called creativity. And now something for all the web site developers. This one is a must … the quality is there, plus it’s free! Get the Premium Web Sliders by Agneva from our freebie section. Make sure to scroll the inspirations from the very top to the bottom … it’s utterly worth it! Enjoy!

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glOWL in the dark

The new member in the puxxle family with special glow-in-the-dark pixels.
The puxxle is a puzzle of 2x2cm vinyl adhesive pixels that one can stick on various types of surface. Pixel by pixel, you can discover the characters we propose or if you are of the brave kind, create your own.

More puxxle.yoyo.es

Daily Inspirations no. 400

Getting warmer around here … that’s what we like. Each season has something to offer, but to speak for myself I like the spring the most. Why? Simply because we can feel everything waking up. It’s about the colors and scents too. While speaking about it .. had to open my window to get some fresh air in. Love hearing the birds singing. Ok, let’s calm down and get back to our daily set of creative inspirations. There are some cool pieces I would like to highlight today. From the very first section my pick is the Lighthouse by Spencer Brown and probably the playing cats photo. That one is pretty funny actually. From today’s illustrations my favorite one is the last called Mr. Spray goes empty by Yvo Hählen. For all the guys our there, well at least the 96%, there are two hot artworks available in the art / digital art section. Make sure to check the In a car artwork by Matariil and Rabeta of the day by LAMBUJA! How hot is that?! If you guys like typography make sure not to miss the SALVAJEANIMAL HEADLESS III by SALVAJEANIMAL and Popular Mechanics 110th Edition by Jordan Metcalf. There is a nice corporate portfolio web site template at the bottom in the freebie section. Make sure to download it right away, as it’s free this month only! Keep coming back .) Enjoy!

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Baby Mammoth Lyuba Goes on Display

The world’s best-preserved baby mammoth is going on show in a premier shopping mall in Hong Kong. Lyuba, a female baby mammoth, was discovered in Siberian mountains by reindeer herder and hunter Yuri Khudi in May 2007. Researchers claimed that Lyuba could have drowned 40,000 years ago when she was just a month old. Lyuba weighs 50kg (110lb), stands 85cm (30in) high and measures 130cm from trunk to tail, roughly the same size as a large dog.

Scientists believe that Lyuba could have died from suffocation when her herd was crossing a river. They think she got stuck in deep mud in the riverbed. The researchers claim that the clay-like substance preserved the mammoth’s body in a near pristine state. Zoologists found undamaged skin and organs, milk from her mother in her stomach, and fecal matter in her intestine.

“She was doing great, very healthy. She just had this terrible misfortune,” Dan Fisher, palaeontologist at the University of Michigan, told the Daily Mail.

Researchers believe that by examining Lyuba body they can gain more insight about the Ice Age and what led to the extinction of mammals. Recently, researchers had discovered another baby woolly mammoth in Siberia, named Yuka.

The carcass of a well-preserved baby mammoth, named Lyuba, is seen during a media preview in Hong Kong April 10, 2012. (Reuters)

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50 Photos of the Day by National Geographic vol. 6

Yes, it’s already the 6th edition of 50 photos of the day by National Geographic we’ll be presenting on Cruzine. At first we thought we’ll give it a try, but since you all love Nat Geo, we decided to continue and now we try to deliver one such set every single week. Well, we all know National Geographic photos are unrivaled … so no wonder you like it so much. Let’s take a look at the highlights. It’s hard to pick something from these, as all them them are brilliant … you can imagine how many photos enter this competition every single day. These 50 are already filtered down from 1000′s of photos. But hey, we’ll give it a try. I like the Horses, Montana by William Albert Allard, Birds Sitting in the Fog by Roger Becker, Skunk Clownfish and Sea Anemone by David Doubilet, Sooty Albatross, South Georgia by Paul Nicklen and the Licancabur Volcano by Hugo Machado. I would be glad to hear your voice on what you like … so don’t hesitate and drop us a comment after you’ll go through this beautiful collection. Enjoy!

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Dog Portraits by William Wegman

It was while he was in Long Beach that artist William Wegman got his dog, Man Ray, with whom he began a long and fruitful collaboration.


Hidden life of insects by Suren Manvelyan

Amazing macro insect photography by Suren Manvelyan from Armenia. Enjoy :)

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35 Macro Photographs That You Will Love

Macro photography is not an easy task to do. Macro photography is a different style of photography, basically it is a close-up photography, in which the photographer try to show us the parts of little object which is not possible to see from naked eye. In modern use it refers to a finished photograph of a subject at greater than life size.

To achieve results alike, you will need a macro lens. This lens is capable of reproduction ratios greater than 1:1, although it now refers to any lens with a large reproduction ratio, despite rarely exceeding 1:1. “Patience is a virtue,” and you will certainly need it to capture great shots. Today we collected some stunning examples of macro photography, enjoy!

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Daily Inspirations no. 399

Hi guys … hopefully you had a wonderful Easter holiday! When speaking for myself, after four days off I do have problems switching back to work mode. Not sure if it’s the lazyness or spring fever :). Anyway, got to beat that as there are many people out there dependant on our daily inspirations .). So let’s take a look what’s new out there. From today’s photography do not miss the Sacred Eve / Part 2 as well as the black tribal woman few spots below. There are actually several of them, so I am speaking of the first one. Again you may expect a strong illustration section with several hot artworks such as the illustrations by Dave E. Phillips and Roberto Pena or the Girl portrait by crowgod. If you like spooky artworks, make sure to check the Skull by Ali GULEC. You’ll find that one in our Art / Digital Art section. If you like blink – blink and watches especially, check the 5 mil watch by Hublot. Wondering what rapper is wearing those already. If you like user interfaces, there is a nice one at the bottom in the freebie section. Go get it! Enjoy!

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Black and White Animal Photography

I am sure many of you were already curious what we’ll start with after the holidays. Well, we decided to go with the animals. This time though, you may expect black and white animal photography instead of full color. I am sure you’ll appreciate the higher contrast black and white photography offers mainly when checking the Dark Zoo photo set by Nicolas Evariste. The Dark Zoo animal set if one of the best I’ve ever seen, so if you want to see more … just follow the links. Of course Nicolas is not the only author featured today … there are more quality authors worth presenting. Make sure to check Nick Brandt‘s photos as well as unusual and funny photos by Tim Flach. Anyway, there is more than 50 of them … make sure to scroll through and drop us a comment. Enjoy!

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Amazing high resolution wallpapers

I always try to find the best inspirations to share with you. This is a great collection of Amazing high resolution wallpapers, improve your creativity, and prettify your screen

and more

Pets Portrait Series

Amazing Pets Portrait Series photography….very funny….