Shes A Robot!

SHE  S A ROBOT by Akutou san Shes A Robot!

New work by my comrade Akutou


sumocompgmssmall Suplementaire
Traditionally colorful. Print work for Conceptus gallery.

Olympic Power Strip

strip Olympic Power Strip
New object from Yar Rassadin.

One Flag Design Competition Hosted by Adbusters

oneflag One Flag Design Competition Hosted by Adbusters
Design is at war with itself. We are taught that design is about finding solutions. But the success of these solutions is judged so narrowly – Did it ooze desire? Did it shift units? – that we find ourselves implicated in problems far greater than the ones we solve.

We invite you to create a flag – free from language and well-worn clichés – that embodies the idea of global citizenship. A symbol that triggers pride and cohesion, whether worn on a backpack, displayed on a door, or flown on a flagpole. A symbol for anyone to declare membership in a growing and vital human cooperative. We invite you to prove that design has a real role to play in the fate of our world.

Deadline for entries is December 1, 2008.

55DSL Streetwear

jova tshirt 55DSL Streetwear
A new collab project was born thanks to the friendship between Jovanotti and 55DSL’s Creative Director Andrea Rosso.

Lorenzo will endorse 55DSL clothes and accessories from a kickass summer range throughout all the Safari tour, and the 55DSL’s creative team, inspired by his book “Safari Jam”, designed and produced a limited edition t-shirt which will be sold during the tour.

Guardian Newspaper Front Page Linocut design

guardian lino print small Guardian Newspaper Front Page Linocut design

This is a linocut carving Print, thats a bit bigger then A0… more works here

i really like the idea of of carving things that are meant to last for just a day, and looked at for even less time… as this type of work can kind of make them last longer!.

Blood Money

blood money by marti n oberg Blood Money

The Real Niko Bellic Untooned

niko b The Real Niko Bellic Untooned
Aaaaaa…!!! Mr. Pixeloo did it again! Man. Big.

2D Lamp Design

image 40 2D Lamp Design

A cool 2D Lamp that thinks inside the box rather than out. Designer: Jeth Koh

so what the f**k do you want, honey?

digital illustration so what the f**k do you want, honey?

digital illustration exhibited as part of “The Black & White Poster Project” in Cape Town
also printed in “The Black & White Poster Project”, published by Bell Roberts Publishing


Radoslav Zilinsky

radoslav Radoslav Zilinsky
Not enough. Click for full-size. Or.. Maybe you need a wireframe? I’m shocked. Giant 3D artworks of Radoslav Zilinsky.

How to Draw a Good Favicon for Google?

googleicon How to Draw a Good Favicon for Google?
Not satisfied with new Google favicon? Here is a master-class from TurboMilk Studio.

“Not so long ago we berated the new Google icon and called it bad. But denouncing something that is not yours is easy! But what icon would be good? We decided to answer this question: let’s take four designers and make them draw a good icon for Google. Such approach we call running ‘a creative boutique’.” Continue reading.

A to Z Brand Project

atoz design A to Z Brand Project

TAGS are showing what i think about each brand.
I broke each logo into pieces.
Re-construct them from my own perspective…

visit :

Ricardo Salamanca-Salamagica

ricardo s Ricardo Salamanca Salamagica
Portfolio of advertising photographer Ricardo Salamanca-Salamagica.