Frank Chimero Posters

33 idiots Frank Chimero Posters
Frank Chimero has been presented here, but with his design portfolio. Now here are some great posters :)
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A web design gallery with a difference; DesignSludge brings you the worst in web design

Fist Post: Helvis

helvisfd Fist Post: Helvis

Helvetica in Jailhouse Rock by Fabio Demarchi.

don’t fight it – 04/08/08

flyover1 dont fight it   04/08/08tower1 dont fight it   04/08/08

Kitty Hat

kittyhat Kitty Hat
Somewhere in Russia. Don’t worry ;) Thanks to.

Arab Supercars Takes Center Stage in London

Maria Ilieva

mi 1 Maria Ilieva
mi 2 Maria Ilieva
Awesome paintings! Real fine art.

Don’t Panic!!!

jeremyville multiculturalis Dont Panic!!!
The Yok School Dont Panic!!!
Superb posters. I love the way!

The amazing work of Ralph Karam, Brazilian graphic designer based in Buenos Aires.


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2

lr2 homepage fma 792x400 Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2

via; Adobe

Miguel Ornia-Blanco

Great little paintings by Miguel Ornia-Blanco.

migy 03 Miguel Ornia Blanco

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this is a wallpaper realised for a radio.

4copyMedium FUTURORG




frank stockton

frank frank stockton
Illustrations of Frank Stockton.

Timur Sultanov

timur Timur Sultanov
Portfolio of Timur Sultanov, multimedia artist and designer of MTV Russia.