Astronomer’s Dream

A mind-blowing short Film by Malcolm Sutherland. “When a hungry astronomer falls asleep while working on a problem, he discovers a solution not in outer space, but in the surreal food-chain of his subconscious mind.”
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Inspirational Picks #8

inspirational picks

Most Inspirational Picks Gathered from the Vast Planes of the Internet


Monroe Bed

Sleek and stylish, the Monroe platform bed features clean lines and a smooth finish delivering remarkable tranquility to bedroom spaces. Hardwood construction finished in a rich wenge veneer gives this bed durability and beauty. Square backrest pillows in White or Red genuine leather perfectly compliment the bed. Mattress (not included) sits snuggly atop a solid pine-slat mattress base for stylistic durability and added comfort. Supports U.S. Standard mattresses.

Web Design Trends, April 2010

web design trends
I was browsing the web and I found some cool emerging web design trends and decided to share it with my readers. I am going to mention some of the things that other people already wrote about, but I tried to concentrate on some things that I haven’t seen people notice yet. Please send in your suggestions and leave comments with your predictions! What do you think is the next upcoming web design trend? What do you see being left behind?


Danielle Buerli Design

A graduate from Otis, Danielle Buerli has a gorgeous collection of mixed media sculptures and illustrations.
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Mariano Moreno – Campaign Against the Bicentenary of Argentina

Tercera imagen para la Contracampaña por el Bicentenario de la Nación Argentina. No debería ser motivo de celebración.
(Third image for the Campaign Againgst the Bicentenary of Argentina. We shouldn´t celebrate it.)
Mariano Moreno
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Ray-Ban Rare Prints

Sweet Illustration work by a variety of illustrators/designers posted over at Ad Brand Etc. The work of Matt W Moore is showcased in the image above. Click on the image to see all of the artists works.

Gordon Reid Illustrations

Anna Di Prospero Photography

Anna Di Prospero Photography (5)
Anna Di Prospero Photography

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Skateboarding Stop Motion

SkateBoard Stop Motion

Via : Vectro Ave

Photography by Dido Fontana

Via Oh, Snap!

Giles Revell Photography

You have to check the great Giles Revell Photography projects!! SEE MORE info & pics HERE

25 Business Card Designs

The Lego Table

How amazing is the Lego Boardroom table !! SEE More info & pics HERE

TMB – Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona