Get Your Dose of Visual Inspiration From Fantastic Books – 10 Amazing Web 2.0 Methods

Just like posters (but with some content inside), book covers are one of the most inspirational objects in your room, so you might get some new ones this summer. If this is correct, then our roundup it’s just what you need – a collection of the best ways to find new & cool books.

Support for a free Iran

Jonas Eriksson

Cai Guo-Qiang

Cai Guo-Qiang is a Chinese artist who’s successfully positioned himself in the art elite over the last few years. The majority of his work is based around gun powder and explosions, with which he creates large scale drawings and ephemeral works. In addition, its interesting to note that gunpowder means fire medicine in Chinese…

To see much more of his drawings and his ephemeral work, as well as a video that shows him in action, click here!
via >>> colectiva!

Top Design Twitters

The fast growing micro blogging platform has a vast interests of use. As we focused more on design related terms we suggest you to follow persons and organizations that have significant impact on our spheres of life and professional career development. The lists are incomplete, ordered randomly and kept updating. The complete list is presented to you by @Designcollector

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Skinny Blonde Beer – Controversially Genius!

The Guayaquil´s visual chronicler

Ricardo Bohorquez, one of the best photographers in Guayaquil, in his pictures capture the heart of Guayaquil, the people, the landscape, the ambient check his work!

Soundmuseum Turntables Collection



Collabatrion with Pebbles ♥

Took about 3 hours , this being the original i worked off Link

View On Black
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Marion Bolognesi

Art by Marion Bolognesi. It’s Brilliant!


Robert Mars

Concept phone – Mobile script

Regal Clothing Co.

NFT officially meets iPHone

NFT iPhone application for Manhattan officially released and available on the app store! More info

Staypuff Crib by 20.87 estúdio

Merging objects from distinct nature and function, creating an unusual looking and thinking. The push car that used to carry raw material, now is inside the babies rooms.
Base in metal. Pneumatic wheels. reforested Brazilian Pinus wood.

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