SEAK:Graffiti & Street Art Diary.

SEAK: . Amazing artwork by german airbrush artist Claus Winkler. See more of his work.

Dutch/Brazilian designer Rafaël Rozendaal has got a series of sites you will happily lose yourself in for far too long.

Fashionable Cupcakes ?

Yes and they looks pretty yummy ! See more info & the 5 of them HERE


Lui Ferreyra – “Vision”

Interesting oil paintings by Lui Ferreyra

Atelier ladurance japanese denim Packaging

Japanese Denim used a bamboo sushi mat for their Packaging. Via

Cold War Kids Interactive

The Cold War Kids band have launched an interactive experience for the release of their titles I’ve Seen Enough, second single from their 2008 album, Loyalty To Loyalty.

Bjork new photos

Want to stand out? Go to YouTube

[youtube Elo7WeIydh8]

American advertising agency BooneOakley wanted to stand out from the fierce competition that is the advertising world.
Their solution? Instead of yet-another-web-2.0-site they jumped into YouTube.
The result is a whole new way of using the YouTube platform and a whole new way of presenting a company.

Graffiti Girls by Kevin Peterson


M&C SAATCHI.GAD is a french advertising company, a division of M&C SAATCHI from London. Webdesign pure and efficient by Fcinq

Blake Suarez


Excellent illustrator based in Gainesville, FL, check his work

Hello Skateboard

Designed by Antonio Carusone for the brand Buddy Carr, “Hello” costs for 160$ only, but is edited in a limited edition (100 boards). It’s really awesome.

Source and more photos

Agyness Deyn and Luke Worrall by Dan Jackson

The Beatles: Rock Band

It’s fantastic! “The Beatles: Rock Band” game opening cinematic. Produced by Harmonix and Passion Pictures.