Trailer – YSL Manifesto F/W 09-10

Re-denim by Canedicoda for Replay

Awesome Painting by Scott Davidson

This is an awesome painting by Scott Davidson an art student from the United Kingdom.

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World Aids Day Advertising – Brilliant

Brilliant High Impact advertising for World Aids Day 2009 via Antilogic


20 Awesome Wallpapers

The great thing about wallpapers is that you can really let your imagination run wild. We are going to look at some wallpapers from Wallpapers-room that show off some really great creativity and overall talent. Hopefully it will give you some inspiration for your own work or maybe for a wallpaper.

Link to Denis Designs: 20 Awesome Wallpapers

Skoda Superb: Tango

Incredible Nature Photography by Veronika Pinke

Creative and super professional nature photography by Veronika Pinke
Sourse: Photography Blog

I love Porn – concept

Iain Crawford

Anatomical Drawings

WAKE UP – Kaj Lehmann

WAKE UP is a really beautiful series of Photos by Kaj Lehmann, a swiss photographer from Zurich.

Buena Vista Fotografia

Barack Obama Holidays

Barack Obama and family on Martha’s Vineyard Island.

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Photo by Pavel Kiselev. Bigger size.