Sand & Birch Design

Sand & Birch is an Italian design studio founded by the designer Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro. The studio is constantly exploring in many different and unique way the concept of “Pure Luxury” applicated to architecture and furniture. Elegance, minimalism, personality, materials, colors, forms, contemporary…just some words to tells something about Sand & Birch Design!

On the top “Diamond Sofa”, an impressive design piece.

Here a selection of another stunning design products from Sand & Birch Design !

keep on rockin’!

“Stimulation Package” blush Lingerie

[youtube BsQQnlR3td8]

Sexy video campaign for blush Lingerie from Berlin

Via : ViaComIT

5 Amazing Methods to Find Similar Websites Based On Your Preferences

Inspired Magazine made a research and presents five amazing services that do just one thing – get you similar websites based on your preferences!

Superflat First Love by Takashi Murakami for Louis Vuitton


Open House Folder

Open House Folder for the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

Japanese Magazine Design

Rebranding and magazine ideas. More images here.

Kulte vision of Summer by Thomas Cantoni

Summer 2009, 5 young graphic designers involved in “hot” collaboration with the French brand KULTE.
After, Dirtlab, Happy Mess, Freak Fabric, we are today presenting Thomas Cantoni ‘s vision of summer.
Born in south of France, and based in Paris, Thomas has been collaborating with the brand for about 8 years now, creating some of the most influent illustrations, already consider today as: “dejà culte!”

Web Design for the Masses

The latest design from Antilogic Design for the design masses…

Google Chrome

Thomas Williams – Graphic Designer (Melbourne)

Mole Man

Did you know about the Hackney Mole Man? Spent 40 years digging tunnels underneath his house till he collapsed the adjacent road. This artist went to meet him and discover why he did it.

In Search of Earth’s Core

Terrible Yellow Eyes

Interview: Andrew Pommier