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Alex Diamond

alex Alex Diamond
alex1 Alex Diamond
progress. denial. aestetics. discoveries. rants. raves. comments. admiration. wisdom (rarely): artworks by Alex Diamond.

“Alex Diamond is an artist in the traditional way, who is gaining more and more attention on the art market. This is due to the fact that the interchangeablilty of his character doesn’t contradict the curational aspects of developing a sustainable body of work. It’s rather the opposite: as an artist Diamond works extremely focused on the development of a lasting and unique work, which maybe can only be defined by the name: Alex Diamond is Alex Diamond is …. His distinctive approach to making his art is defined by creating quality, value and relevance within his complete work as an artist.”

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sehubabe Sehubabesehubabe1 Sehubabe

Sehubabe a great brand t-shirt. New t-shirt are available on store

Dharma Initiative Ads

island Dharma Initiative Ads
For the Lost fans: some cool mock vintage/retro ads for the Dharma Initiative. More here.

Font Droporado released

4FEBDROPORADO Font Droporado released
On MyFonts released font Droporado 4F — funny font for decorating posters, logos and small headings.

Straulino photographer

Innovative Ambient Media

dytinn Innovative Ambient Media

Innovative marketing for vampire TV show, True Blood.

Via: We Heart Stuff

Mike Lewis’s Illustrations

mlewisdesign Mike Lewiss Illustrations

Mike Lewis has some sick Illustration work click here to see more

Spike Jonze for Unkle

vimflip – Jeff Coombs

god vimflip   Jeff Coombsvimflip has a new website with some nice illustrations and other design work. Take a look here.

Bêtes de mode

“Bêtes de mode” (Fashion Animals) is the name of this stunning series by HELMO for the Lafayette Galleries in Paris. Here are two of my faves:
helmo10 lynx Bêtes de mode
helmo10 loup Bêtes de mode
If you liked these, you should visit COLECTIVA to check out the rest of this 11 piece series.

Ganz Toll Update!

ganztollupdate Ganz Toll Update!
Hey guys! My friend from GanzToll did his first update! so take a look!

Leah Gordon’s Voodoo Carnival

leahdyt Leah Gordons Voodoo Carnival

To most people, Carnival means music, sequins, feathers, glitter, girls in minuscule costumes and men in drag, but for the residents of the small coastal town of Jacmel in southern Haiti, Carnival, or Kanaval, means (unsurprisingly for a country where the principal religion is Voodoo) scaring the shit out of each other. And men in drag.

Nina Brown

nina1 Nina Brown
Wool, wadding, doll-eyes, cap, tape, button, wire, wood, 70 x 40 x 42 cm, 2007.

nina2 Nina Brown
Sneak Like A Panther – Puschen* For The Cosy Generation
20 textile objects (wool and felt) on wooden display, 140 x 200 cm, 2005.
*Puschen – german word meaning slippers.

nina3 Nina Brown
Original charcter by Stefan Marx, mascot for Cleptomanicx‘ jubilee.
Fabric, foam, paint, millions of handmade stitches, 105 x 120 cm, 2006

Nina Braun is immersed in an analogue world, where the obsession with material and her devotion to each individual object emerges from her very personal imagery.

Her approach to materials like wool and fabric are the base for her sometimes child-like and naive objects that result from an intensive working process. Considering that we are living in a digital era where economical aspects of the working process prevail and thoughts and images can be infinitely reproduced, Nina Braun’s approach to work is quite revolutionary.

Colorful Illustrations by Catalina Estrada

dytCatalinaEstrada Colorful Illustrations by Catalina Estrada

Here are some of the colorful illustration designs by Catalina Estrada. She is a graphic designer from Colombia currently living and working as an illustrator in Barcelona, Spain. Her artwork has been featured all around the world.

Click here to see the rest of the images.

Oil Spill hits 20 year mark

exxon mobil poster Oil Spill hits 20 year mark

It’s like a death in the family,” the 70-year-old fisherman said of the Exxon Valdez disaster. “With time it gets a little better, but the pain never really goes away. Until this generation passes on, I don’t think it will ever really be over.”

Poster was created in response to the Supreme Court Decision last June in favor of Exxon Mobile.

via VisualCulture: