lydia nichols !

lydia nichols‘ cowboy makes me want to move out west!

déménageons à l’Ouest!

her blog here.

Suck Clothing – Spring/Summer 2010

The spring/summer collection of Suck Clothing are available. More photo in the link.


Voici un magnifique showreel du studio Strukt. Strukt est un studio spécialisé dans l’événementiel interactif. ils font aussi bien de la vidéo mapping, du light mapping que du support multi-touch. A voir absolument dans la suite. WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

LOST-inspired t-shirt design

If you’re like me and watch Lost, it inhabits every ounce of your being. This is a design I created inspired by Lost. I didn’t want to do anything too obvious, so I hope the idea shines through even through the subtlety of the illustration.
Lend Yourself a Hand

The design is for sale on tees at Redbubble.

Amazing Illustrations by nebezial

Awesome Illustrations by Marc Simonetti

Cody Stonerock ‘Kurven’ Chair

Taking his inspiration from the nautical world, designer Cody Stonerock has created the beautiful ‘Kurven’ Chair. The piece, which features a bentwood frame and leather upholstery, is all the more impressive given that it was created in a mere 10 weeks from conception through to construction. With clean lines and wonderful silhouettes from any angle, Stonerock’s ‘Kurven’ chair is aesthetically brilliant.

More Pictures

Jenny Wang ‘Barbie Zen’ Collectors Guide

Still quite the modern woman, with roughly a million units sold every year, the unfatigued icon that is Barbie remains cultural presence that spans the past the future like few toys; with this in mind, designer Jenny Wang has created a modern collector’s guide with a vintage twist titled ‘Barbie Zen’. The Guide, which features collecting tips, historical backgrounds, and vintage photographs, is part art piece and part functional text. Anyone involved with toys or collecting is sure to appreciate Wang’s ‘Barbie Zen,’ and the aesthetically minded history it achieves.

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Just in case

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Strength in Every Pour

Spectacular Kinetic Sculpture

This is a kinetic sculpture made for the BMW Museum in Munich. It is a “metaphorical translation of the from-finding process in design.”


36 Dream Workstations

Bad Food, Bad Dog

The Future Of Fashion by Hedi Slimane

Hedi Slimane

Read the entire interview of Hedi Slimane about the future of fashion on Le Blog de Yoland.

Corancan? by Nick Walker