17 fantastic photographs of urban decay

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Silent Order

Silent-view photography is an art photo project consisting of a photographer (silent-view) and a model (fraeulein von rosenfelde), that tries to implement impressions which may develop in a camera silens into pictures

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Top 40 nature photoshop creation

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Design History: The Story of the Wassily Chair

The Wassily Chair by Marcel Breuer is one of modern history’s most iconic pieces of furniture. Originally created in 1926, Breuer’s Wassily Chair has had an interesting history spanning nearly 100 years. The chair represented a revolution in design, thanks to new materials and technology– and was named after the colleague and friend of Breuer, artist Wassily Kandinsky. Read the full story at TheCoolist.


Pelican Squad

Best Livery – Royal International Air Tattoo 09, Fairford, England

Cardboard Stuff by Bernie Burns


There’s not a whole lot of information on Bernie Burns’ or his cardboard creations except that he’s from Germany and is a designer (wow, who would have guessed). If I spoke German then it’s possible I could find out more but what really matters is that these amazing creations are available for our viewing pleasure.

CARDBOARDS @ Nina sagt Galerie

Halloween in Harlem by Amy Stein

Ever wonder what Halloween would be like if you were a kid growing up in New York City? In this series, named Halloween in Harlem, photographer Amy Stein explores this question as shows us the many colorful kid costumes walking the urban streets. See more at My Modern Metropolis.

Casa No Geres

Marc Da Cunha Lopes photography

Stefan Glerum Illustrations

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Michael Schepis – Wedding Stationery & Crest

Michael Schepis 1
Michael Schepis 3

Please take a look my portfolio to date. It has recently been updated with a new project, a wedding crest and stationery set.

Michael Schepis

Sydney / Australia

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