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Crooked Creek

Love the skin you’re in…
crooked creek 09 small Crooked Creek
Crooked Creek is an ongoing saga, written by my friend/colleague Kyle Dickinson and illustrated by yours truly. It functions as part of our collaborative blog, The Unlimited Freedom Castle, that explores other written word and illustrative collaborations as well. Take a peek at the Crooked Creek, yo.

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Engraved Moleskine cover

junichi large Engraved Moleskine cover
this is one of the artist series laser engraved moleskine cover designed by studio stubborn sideburn. You can buy this design through more details here.

Tim Berg and Rebekah Myers

“All Good Things…” is an exhibition of large, glossy, colourful ceramic sculptures by artists Tim Berg and Rebekah Myers. Each piece depicts something good coming to an end… from ice cream sandwiches to the reign of the dinosaurs.

designyoutrust 01 Tim Berg and Rebekah Myers

More images at shape+colour.

Digital Pixels.

Digital Pixels. Cliche name but the concept and execution are gorgeous…

782611220031184 Digital Pixels.

Viva Calaca

check out the site, its really cool:

calaca 580x260 Viva Calaca

Let the Celebrations Begin!!!

obama 3 Let the Celebrations Begin!!!

Need we say more?

via Colectiva

United We Rise: Hydro74

Some new and as usual — sick work by Hydro74.
unitedwerise news United We Rise: Hydro74

Depaul UK charity T-shirts

Depaul UK and Fitch have teamed up with the dreamspace gallery to host an exhibition in support of their ‘Positive Change’ campaign, which harnesses the power of design for the benefit of homeless and disadvantaged young people in the UK.

positive change Depaul UK charity T shirts
Click image inside for website to buy T-shirts

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Large Scaled Art Made of Daily Objects

joana vasconcelos 4 Large Scaled Art Made of Daily Objects
Dorothy (2007) – Stainless steel pans and lids
joana vasconcelos 6 Large Scaled Art Made of Daily Objects
A Joia do Tejo (2008) / The Jewel of the Tejo River – Inspired by traditional Portuguese jewelry

The artwork of Joana Vasconcelos is pretty impressive. She uses common daily objects, much associated with Portuguese culture. These images are of her latest work. Dar Jan published some of her earlier work with doilies, take a look here.

Link via Scene 360 Illusion


dna1 DNA Art
dna2 DNA Art
Hey, people, with Valentine’s Day coming up, DNA crew hope you check out their KISS Portrait and Mini DNA Portrait that are cool, stylish, personal, and a cross between art and technology.

the Symbol of the Year

adequate COW 2009 01 the Symbol of the Year

Project POWERCLIP.RU, remote work portal, British School of Design, People-to-People and Studio 4 Che with the informational support of Art Directors Club Russia represented The second annual design competition “Symbol of the Year” on the symbol of the coming of 2009 – bull or cow.
Advertising agency Adequate had not been left behind and went to contest their version of the symbol 2009.

Window Bars

Great series of photographs of amazing window bars found in Guatemala City, by Ambush Studio.
ventnas12 Window Bars
More: Colectiva

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Pepsi “Obamavertising”

pepsistationcan Pepsi “Obamavertising”
Pepsi “Obamavertising” campaign… More>>

Obama Skateboard Deck

Yoon Jungyun.