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Please, read the rules to avoid any unpredictable results. Use site Search before you start to post to avoid duplicates.

All new posts will be held for moderation, and only a high-quality posts will be published!
5 pics in post minimum. Do not use your own post formatting style.

Possible reasons to why your post is not published:

– less than 5 images in post
– strong erotic content
– trash, shit, crap content
– no post images
– no post description
– no link to the source or/and original author/photographer
– duplicated post
– spam
– infographics
– watermarked images
– not a site-related content
– SEO links, Magento, referral and affiliate links
– your own post content style and formatting
– image linkjacking or 3rd party image hosting

If you’d like to see a post preview, before you publish, – save the draft first.

Image Requirements

– do not linkjack images from other sites and do not use image hosting services
– recommended image width: 650 pixels
– less than 2Mb of weight

Adding an Image

– 650px image width is strongly recommended; maximum weight is 2Mb
– go to ‘Add New’ post and click ‘Click to add post images’. Upload an image and follow the information below: choose alignment ‘none‘; Link URL ‘none‘ (if you don’t want to use a lightbox pop-up); and ‘Full Image‘ Size; add description for your taste.
– all images automatically scales to 650px

Do not use ‘Private’ or ‘Password protected’ options. Do not spam! Do not make duplicates – use site search instead!

Adding a Video

Strongly recommended DO NOT post screen caps from video – post real video!
To add a video, just copy the original video URL into the post:

(do not post ‘https://’ – only ‘http://’ is supported – just delete ‘s’ in the end of address)

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