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7 Premium Custom Fonts

mainpreview 650x432 7 Premium Custom Fonts
This beautiful font bundle contains 7 professional & unique custom fonts from one of the most popular font designer around Dexsar Harry Fonts.

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hft santis 01 Santis
Santis is a typeface designed to be used in logos and design work, masquerading as a text font. Easily readable, precise and suave, Santis shows off a wild, decorative style with its excessive swash alternates, turning text into a brand at the drop of a cap. Open type features include glyphs and ligatures so that the use of decoration falls naturally into place, should you decide to let it do so.

Santis is available in 2 weights and their italic forms for only £27 each, or you can buy all four styles for £79.

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Free Retro 3D Wood Text Layer Styles for Photoshop

457h 1 650x159 Free Retro 3D Wood Text Layer Styles for Photoshop
Within this download donated by Creativenauts we have three fantastic retro themed 3D wood text layer styles for use with Photoshop. Each of the styles that we have come prepared in their own PSD file, leaving you to simply change the text in the smart layer to create your piece. Not sure what a smart layer is? no worries, there is a useful documentation file included which explains the basics of everything you’ll need to know. This download must not be used commercially without prior contact with Creativenauts.

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Helsinki fonts for free

helsinkiforfree13 Helsinki fonts for free
I made this super thin and super dark weight of my Helsinki typeface and its for free!

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hft135 embryo font pr0 EMBRYO
Embryo is a design font mixing sturdy, solid black forms with childly inaccurate outlines and thin or small indentations. The overall effect is one of innocence and playfulness but also heavy, high impact solidity. Embryo is a great font to use in larger sizes for display pieces, posters and similar items, where an approachable, welcoming effect is desired, especially for children’s activities and groups.

Embryo is available either in its regular form or in an open, unfilled format, both of which have extended support for Western, Easter and Central European languages. Either format is available from HypeForType for £18, or £36 for both.

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Hovel Free font

hovel 01 650x355 Hovel Free font
Hovel is a wild free typeface. It is free font featured by geometric shapes and a quite alternative look.

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Melany Lane

file 5 21 copy Melany Lane
Melany Lane is an ornamental font with plenty of flourish, and even more swash on its alternate characters. With the added ligatures and hand-drawn based design, this wonderful font is great for creating fancy, decorative pieces of design work, such as wedding invitations or menus for special occasions. The extra ornament options and seamless background textures allow you to really go the distance when creating something beautiful.

Melany Lane is available in regular or bold from HypeForType, only £18 each, with two sets of ornaments each also costing £18. Buy the whole set for £30, a saving of £42 on individual pieces!

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Slanted Magazine #23 – Swiss Issue

Slanted23 SwissIssue 033 650x423 Slanted Magazine #23 – Swiss Issue
Slanted Magazine #23 – Swiss Issue

The Editors of Slanted magazine embarked on a two week “Tour de Suisse” and talked to some of the most innovative and interesting Swiss designers about tradition, transgression and progression. The resulting photos, text and video interviews with the 23 designers and studios give insight to contemporary design work in Switzerland and a glance behind the scenes.

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bella pizza co3 hft Buckley
Buckley is a hand-drawn Laura Worthington font designed using a fountain pen with pressure on the nib and designed on rough paper. Overall this creates a solid font with textured edges, a cheery attitude and welcoming complexion. In smaller settings it works well as a legible, friendly font, and in larger appearances shows off its individual, handcrafted nature.

Buckley is available from HypeForType for just £14.

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Exclusive Free Font Hustlers Rough Inspired by the 1800′s Tattoo Shop

hustler 1 650x443 Exclusive Free Font Hustlers Rough Inspired by the 1800′s Tattoo Shop
The Hustlers font family was inspired by carnival, circus and tattoo shop signs from the late 1800’s. It works well with normal size text and it works even better for large displays, short words, or even just to incorporate a few or single characters in a design. The family was designed by Decade Type Foundry and they have kindly provided us with the Rough style to give away for free exclusively on Inspiration Hut. This free download comes with a standard personal license and may not be used for any commercial purposes without priot contact with Decade Type Foundry.

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Free American Brewery Rough Font Inspired by Vintage Beer Labels

american 1a 650x432 Free American Brewery Rough Font Inspired by Vintage Beer Labels
We have been in touch with Decade Type Foundry and have set you guys up with some fantastic free downloads. This particular download is the rough regular font of the American Brewery font family. This free download comes with a standard personal license and may not be used for any commercial purposes without prior contact with Decade Type Foundry.

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Supria Sans

supria pr11 Supria Sans
A beautiful, sans serif font, the main power behind Supria Sans is its huge extended family. Come round for a Supria christmas dinner to meet the ever serious Bolds and Heavys, their waifish cousins the Light weights, the estranged Condensed family and of course, all of their wives from the Italic and Oblique families. Altogether there are 36 different weights of Supria, giving you an elegant, clean line and utilitarian font for every occasion you can think of and more besides. To be really experimental you can mix and match as many as you want for a completely individual style of your own.

Each individual weight is available from HypeForType for £30, or you can get the whole set for £465 and never need to buy another font again!

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tailor pr1 Tailor
Tailor is a fantastic slab serif font with a characteristic roundness that sets it apart from the crowd. Rather than ending each serif in the sharp corners ordinary to this style of font, they edges are slightly rounded to introduce a soft, friendly feel, making a more approachable but still heavy impact. Tailor also come bundled with a range of open type features, ligatures and glyphs, as well as supporting numerous different languages.

Tailor is available in 2 weights, book and book italic, from HypeForType. £15 each or both sets for £25.

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Four Seasons

hft fourseasons 02 Four Seasons
Four Seasons is a font that shows off nature in all of its glory, throughout years of growth and shedding. Based on the creators’ observation of trees over a three year period, Four Seasons follows a hand drawn, organic pattern that comes to life on the page. As if the wavy, lifelike style was not enough by itself, the font can follow the different seasons’ growth with a huge range of open type swashes, ligatures, alternates and endings, as well as being available in 8 different weights. To really spruce up a piece of design work you can add ornaments from one of three different ornament packages, giving your piece a real feel of spring, summer autumn or winter.

Four Seasons is available on HypeForType for £15-£24 per weight, or £78 for the entire package. Currently Four Seasons is half price, making the full package worth £39 instead.

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file 5 22 Skitch
Skitch is a font designed for you to fill in the blanks. The regular font is a wonderfully hand drawn, accentuated serif font that works perfectly well by itself. A second font, however, provides all the bits that you’ll want to fill the spaces, to make colouring in the gaps incredibly easy. Solid and shade versions of the font are also available, so if you want to avoid going too wacky you can still enjoy this fun, hand-crafted font.

Each Skitch font is available for £9 from HypeForType, and the fillings come for free. Borders and other ornaments can also be purchased for £9 per set, or you can buy all 11 variations of font, borders and ornaments for just £30!

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