hft000 steintype.pr01 Steintype
Steintype rocks! Ok, that’s out of the way. Steintype is a creative collection of cobbled together characters, inspired by rocks. Carefully chiseled with a rough but readable outline, this font really comes to life when you begin to alter the individual pieces it’s made from. Experiment with colours and textures to create bold words that stand out from the page, with 3D looks and vivid character designs. Steintype can be used to blend with the background, so that words appear from out of it, or to clash completely for an unmissable attention grabber. The greatest part of this font are the limitless possibilities for playing around with design.

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hft sheepman 001 Sheepman
A distinctly turn-of-the-century font, Sheepman is a friendly, softened serif font, carrying reminders of an older time. Solid and straight-lined without ever being sharp, Sheepman is legible and professional while maintaining an approachability that makes it perfect for distinguished social events or nostalgic and historic work.

Sheepman comes in three weights, each with a slanted option, so your message can carry just the impact you need, whether it’s light and light-hearted or bold and imposing. All 6 fonts are available from HypeForType for £58, or for £13 each.

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Serial Cut Ola Hoop

serialcut 01 Serial Cut  Ola Hoop
Ola Hoop is two fonts in one, which mix together to create a great distortion and emphasis effect. One set of characters is distorted and wavy, creating a unique, through-the-water look, and the other is a more serious and straight line version, creating its own ephemeral effect by a distinct lack of cross-lines. Combining the two together creates the effect of riding through waves or watching a mirage, at one moment clear and the next unreal, allowing you to draw the eyes to focus where you need them, with more solidity in more important places.

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hft000 verb.pr1 1 Verb
Verb is an 18-font family that combines sleek simplicity with approachable friendliness. Designed to be easy to read and easy to use, the font comes with a huge number of alternates and Open Type features that allow it to spread across the page in whatever way you need, maintaining a simple look and tone in numerous styles. From extra light to Ultra weights, with true italics, language support and most major glyphs, you could use verb for anything you need. You can buy this font from HypeForType for only £59, or select the weights you need at £12 each.

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reina01 copy Reina
Reina incorporates the decorative accolades of blackletter and copperplate styles of calligraphy into a modern Roman typeface, creating as it does an elegant and full-lived beauty. Intense in its communications, with excessive decorations available, Reina creates an incredibly artistic form without losing legibility.

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01 2 3 copya Port
Many typefaces have extremified the traditional Didone form, but Port takes it even further than most. Bringing the elegance and exuberance of calligraphy in line with a geometric and traditionally minimalist form, the two collide and explode into a flurry of hair-thin lines, excessive swashes and bulbous serifs. Bringing on a storm, Port has plenty of OpenType alternates, swashes, ligatures and stylistic sets to let you create your own experiments.

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Typography Inspiration #7

love your body day Typography Inspiration #7
Typography is a great subject in design. It more than just words thrown in with graphic elements. Here, we roundup 7 typography design inspiration part 7 are compiled to give inspiration to you and other designers out there. These typography design have both an awesome graphical from type videos to images. Users can submit their typography designs.

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hft000 haussmann.pr1  Haussmann
Hausmann is slightly out of sync with itself, not quite sure where it should be. The effect of treating part of each letter as a negative of itself creates a font that shouldn’t work but somehow does. The strange, blocky offshoots look like a glitch in the writing, so that it stutters across the page, giving your message a stand-out and memorable impact.

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Amazing Typography Designs For Inspiration

Mika Melvas 3600 740 Amazing Typography Designs For Inspiration

There are many applications that can be used to create such stunning typographic artworks, but we can say Illustrator and Photoshop are the most suitable and flexible applications that extend your ability in creating Type effects.

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10 Fresh Free Font for April 2014

1103 10 Fresh Free Font for April 2014
Font is very important component in web design and graphic design. If you are looking free font for your next design project, here is a collection of 10 Fresh Free Font for April 2014. This list perfect choice of fresh and freely available fonts in the internet for your next work of typography be it either for digital, web or print.

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Typography Inspiration #6

1102 Typography Inspiration #6
Typography is a great subject in design. It more than just words thrown in with graphic elements. Here, we roundup 7 typography design inspiration part 6 are compiled to give inspiration to you and other designers out there. These typography design have both an awesome graphical from type videos to images.

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Outstanding Typography Design Inspiration

Outstanding Typography Design Inspiration 04 Outstanding Typography Design Inspiration
Typography is an art to assemble design and transform type glyphs. The procedure of type contains the collection of lettering, line size, point size and tracking. Today we collected the selection of Outstanding Typography Design Inspiration which will show that there’s no edge of the design using Typography.

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Phoenix Pro

phoenix pr1 copy Phoenix Pro
Originally designed in 1935, Phoenix has risen spectacularly from the ashes to be reborn in a modern, digitised form. Containing three new weights, the sleek, modernist font is perfect for simple messages in a pleasant tone. The tall, thin characters don’t stop it from flowing smoothly across the page, and the tight, small curves manage to look friendly rather than stern. Rather than asking what this font could be used for, simply ask yourself, what couldn’t it do?

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hft669 vanilla pr1 VANILLA
Vanilla is a smooth font that seems to be constantly melting away, with solid, geometric designs that half fade as you read. The overall effect is one that sweeps across the page, initially catching the eye and then leading it quickly across the text, great for scanning. With a font like vanilla you can grab someone’s attention without being intrusive, plant ideas and then let them fade to the back of the mind, to be recalled later and not dwelt on.

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Talking Trees

hft000 talkingtrees.pr1 .jpg Talking Trees
Talking Trees is a great font that manages to find a unique way of being outdoorsy and rustic without being too over the top in its creativity. By itself the design is legible and easy to follow, and the particular style also makes it stand out even against complicated backgrounds. Looking closer reveals an imaginatively designed, slightly humorous font that brings to mind camp bonfires and whittling.

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