Tres Tres Chic

hft000 trestreschic pr11 Tres Tres Chic
Tres Tres Chic, the name says it all. Big, glamorous, ostentatious, this font is made to stand out and make an impact. Tres Tres Chic features geometric designs that make it simple and appealing to look at, and adaptable to many situations, particularly illustrative functions. The extra fills add shape to the thin, smooth lines, letting the font be elegant and colourful at the same time.

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hft156 uni sans pr0 UNI SANS
Uni Sans is a sans serif type made for every occasion, especially designed for callouts, captions and headlines. Soft, easy on the eye and very readable, this font fits in anywhere that you need something simple or neutral. 9 different weights are available, thin, bold, heavy, italic, you name it, it’s there. Whatever you need a quick and easy font for, Uni Sans is there for you.

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undersongposter01 Undersong
Undersong might be described as curly-wurly, or squiggly-wiggly, or so many more things. However you describe it, Undersong is a light-hearted and fun font, with a charming, handmade look. The font comes with 13 stackable designs which allow you to alter the style in an amazing variety of ways, but most of them work perfectly well by themselves anyway. Brilliant for almost any project, Undersong carries enough oomph to get its message across, but does so in a charming way.

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hft401 subwaytype newyork font pr01 SUBWAY
Subway New York is a font designed to capture the feel of graffiti in the city, alongside two other fonts that capture the same in Berlin and Paris. With 4 styles (Uppercase, lowercase, small caps & swash) the New York style is angry but free, full of a dedicated style that implies reason and art rather than random vandalism. Some ligatures are also available, as is a pack of symbols, great for completing the look of graffiti on the page.

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al fresco maestro AL FRESCO
Al Fresco is everything Italian; stylish business suits, strong coffee, lavish luxury and effortless elegance. You could expect to see this font anywhere worth having a high opinion of, that wants to take the time to look great. Full of swashes, ligatures and contextual alternates, Al Fresco is fancy, classy and slick.

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sundownersposter1 SUNDOWNERS
Sundowners is simple, fun and everything about Summer. The style is made to be jaunty, finding itself at odd angles or different letter heights is perfectly reasonable, and only adds to the friendly, welcoming tone that the font brings to life. Advertise your summer activities and products with a fun-loving font like Sundowners.

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40+ Beautiful Hand Lettering by Raul Alejandro

Beautiful Hand Lettering Typography Design 33 40+ Beautiful Hand Lettering by Raul Alejandro

Today I am unleashing 40+ beautiful hand lettering typography by Raul Alejandro. You must look through the collection to see how beautifully the free hand lettering is drawn in each of the picture; it gives an implication of perfection, elegance, neatness and skill as well. Have a look and you will be inspired.

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v1 Verner
Verner chooses to focus on rounded serifs, and removes as many sharp angles as possible. The typeface comes with a range of automatic and discretionary ligatures, swashes and ornaments, and overall creates a friendly, inviting attitude with a folky, traditional edge.

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Get all 20 fonts in yellow design studio’s Gist family for only $14!

font 650x396 Get all 20 fonts in yellow design studio’s Gist family for only $14!
Another masterpiece from Yellow Design Studio, Gist is an inline slab serif font that features a retro yet modern vibe. With 20 weights and loads of OpenType features including ligatures, swashes and alternates, it comes primed with the tools to work on just about any project. But you’ll need to act fast! For a limited time only, you can nab all 20 Gist fonts for just $14!

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hft000 volterra.pr1  Volterra
Volterra takes minimalism a step further, completely removing the previously thinned down horizontal strokes of its predecessors. Otherwise keeping the serifs and style of Romanised typefaces, such as Bodoni, Volterra’s style is part stencil, part ghost and all style.

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voodoo hft 001 VOODOO
Voodoo is the essence of geometric design, using straight, angular characters with proportionate circles. The acute, sharp angles of the unrounded characters perfectly play off the wide fullness of the Cs, Gs and Os in particular, crawling like a caterpillar across the page, first thin, then wide and back to thin again.

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Vow neue

vow neue 1 Vow neue
Vow Neue is a fashion model font, glam and stylish, curved in all the right places. The style is a mix of minimalism and creative flair, in some places removing unneeded parts of characters, and in some places extending them beyond necessity. The result is an over stylised, modernist look, eye catching and memorable.

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VTG Move Zine

move zine 12 VTG Move Zine
VTG Move Zine takes all of the accumulated years of typographical design history, modernist styles and delicate, straight lines, and throws it out the window. Made to be messy, this hand drawn, natural feeling font rebels against minimalistic design aesthetics and captures the carefree attitude of handwriting rather than calligraphy.

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oaf1 copy VTG Oaf
VTG Oaf was painted on a wall with a paint roller, giving it a rough but measured look. A practical font with a casual, friendly charm, VTG Oaf comes in three weights, each one using individually painted characters. Not the oaf as much as the child, this font is great for using in a creative, friendly display.

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Detailed Typography Design Work by Tomasz Biernat

Beautiful Typography poster 2014 Detailed Typography Design Work by Tomasz Biernat

Today I am showcasing beautiful detailed typography design work by Tomasz Biernat. He is a very adroit graphic designer who belongs to Warsaw, Poland. Each of his typography posters is stimulating and rib-busting.  I hope you would seek inspiration from the collection.

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