Moderna Condensed


Moderna Condensed is a fan of the simple way of life: do what you do, and be happy. There’s no stress and no hard work with Moderna, just a sense of ease and contentment. Designed primarily for short blocks of text and headlines, Moderna Condensed has the option of fitting in anywhere you need it to be.

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Evergreen is a nature loving font that’s ready to tell you all the benefits of organic food and a healthy lifestyle. Especially in love with fruit and herbal tea, the freshness of this font is great for advertising natural, home grown or organic produce.

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Festival Script Pro


Festival Script Pro is wealthy and glamorous, and likes to show it off. Glistening in the finest, and refined, swashes, with characters that are perfectly cut to fit its curves, Festival is the prima donna of the ball, demanding the attention it rightly deserves. Not one to throw a tantrum, Festival doesn’t need to scream and shout to get attention, it simply has to walk in the room, elegant and proud, for heads to turn.

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Latinotype Bundle – Save £1,000

It’s another fantastic bundle from HypeForType – this time on 7 Latinotype families. This bundle contains 89 fonts ordinarily worth £1,022, but we’ve knocked a couple of digits of the front, and you can get it for just £22! That’s a fantastic £1,000 saving you’d be crazy to miss!

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Thirsty Soft

Blink and you miss it: Thirsty Soft is here and gone again in just 2 weeks, so you’ve only got a limited time to get it. To help you out, HypeForType has reduced it to just £5, so if you were unsure before, you can’t be any more. Thirsty Soft is the smoother, rounder cousin to Thirsty Script, another great by Yellow Design Studio, offering a creamy script which flows easily in its ligatures. Easy going and relaxed, Thirsty Soft just floats along on whatever tide pulls it, so make the most of it while it’s here, because it’ll be gone before you know it.

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Machete Pro


A caveman in the font world, Machete is big on brawn and savage instinct, seemingly rough around the edges but with a misunderstood heart of gold. Machete doesn’t want trouble, Machete just wants some fun, and won’t let anyone stand in its way, because that’s not how Machete’s world works. When you let Machete lead the way, you’ll find that it’s fun to let loose once in a while.

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Design You Trust Exclusive! 50% Off All Handcrafted Fonts from Hut Fonts – 48 Hours Only!

We have a lot to thank Design You Trust for as over the years we have used Design You Trust as a platform to help promote our latest articles, products and deals. The website is a fantastic resource for both designers and websites like my own. But, just like us, Design You Trust wouldn’t be what it is without the surrounding community. So to say thank-you to everyone, we would like to offer a Design You Trust exclusive 50% off coupon for our collection of handcrafted fonts and textures. Use DESIGNYOUTRUST at the checkout for your discount. Continue below to see the kind of fonts we have available we hope that you like them as much as we do.

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Australis Pro


Australis Pro is a trim and proper professional font, a sleek businessman without the grease, and only a little time for tradition. Australis Pro prefers to do things a new way, not by being unique, but by setting the new standards for fonts to work by. With links to traditional Roman style fonts, but with modern twists, Australis Pro is a go to font for something a little different, but with all the association of professionalism and tradition.

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LatinoType Type Bundle


Another great offer from HypeForType – the Latinotype Type Bundle! This amazing offer includes 89 fonts, totalling £1,022 in all, but you can get the whole lot for the massively reduced price of £22. Yes, that’s a £1,000 discount, and how often are you offered that? You’d be crazy not to get it.

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Quasith Free Typeface

Quasith is a great modern typeface that free for download. It designed and released by Egidio Filippetti, graphic designer based on Roma, Italy. This font ready to use and perfect for your next design project.

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Portica Free Font

PORTICA is a simple sans serif Typeface that based on the skeleton of Helvetica. Although, there are a lot of typefaces focusing on similar principles, Portica tries to find its place with its strong lines and robust body.

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Asgalt Free Font

Asgalt is new free font that inspired by si-fi, created with geometric. Perfect for your next artwork. It have more than 100 caps.You can use it for personnal and commercial works.

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20+ Beautiful Detailed Hand Lettering Work by Tobias Saul

Beautiful-Detailed-Hand-Lettering-Work (23)

Today I am unfolding before you 20+ beautiful detailed hand lettering work by Tobias Saul. His art of lettering truly inspired me and I was so motivated to bring it into your notice that look at the talent and aptitude Tobias possesses. He belongs to Germany, the way he adds up to the detailing of the hand lettering is commendable.

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Hilarious Letterpress Prints


A couple of months ago Lisa Krowinski teamed up with Jared Wunsch to make his site available in stationery form.

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Seemingly Offensive Fold-Out Greeting Cards


Getting nice greeting cards from your loved ones makes every holiday or celebration even more special. But how would you react if instead of saying “Happy Birthday!” your card would read “You’re Old”? Etsy shop FINCHandHARE specializes in creating funny greeting cards that look somewhat insulting at first glance, but cheerfully say the opposite when folded out. “I imagine the cards in this shop bringing a little excitement to mailboxes all over the world,” says Heather Abbot, a witty owner and designer of FINCHandHARE.

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