Ford Applied Noise-Cancelling Technology To A Doghouse, And It’s Awesome!

Keeping passengers in a vehicle from hearing the noise of a busy road is a problem that many auto manufacturers have attempted to solve over the years. Noise dampening materials can only do so much, but Ford is now working with noise cancelling technologies that aim to actively combat road sounds by cancelling them out.

The company recently applied its new noise-cancelling know-how to a project that has nothing to do with vehicles, but instead focuses on man’s best friend. Ford Europe built a new kind of doghouse that allows canines to rest without worry of loud noises, like fireworks, disturbing them.

“The idea was inspired by the noise-cancelling technology that we have introduced to the Edge SUV, that helps to ensure quieter journeys for drivers and passengers. When microphones pick up high levels of noise from the engine or transmission, this is counteracted using opposing sound waves from the car’s audio system.”

While it won’t be offered for sale on a retail level, the project and the kennel itself are the first in what Ford is calling “Interventions” that task the company with using its own technology to solve common problems not necessarily related to vehicles or travel.

More: Ford Europe h/t: bgr

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