This Restaurant In Bangkok Uses Cartoon Dragon Dolls As Space Keepers For Social Distancing – Design You Trust

This Restaurant In Bangkok Uses Cartoon Dragon Dolls As Space Keepers For Social Distancing

Sakchai Lalit/AP Photo

These guests look special! They are green, they have wings and they don’t say a word. The dragons are of course not living beings, but figures. The owner of a restaurant in the country of Thailand in Asia has placed them at the tables in his restaurant.

Sakchai Lalit/AP Photo

That looks funny. But there is also a good reason. Because the coronavirus crisis is also in Thailand. The people there should not get too close to each other, so that they don’t infect each other with the virus. That also applies to restaurants. Instead of simply cordoning off some places, the operator has set up the funny kites.

Sakchai Lalit/AP Photo

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