Melanie Faith Dove and Andrew Chapman – ‘Working Dogs’ Book

Photographers Melanie Faith Dove and Andrew Chapman have collaborated on a project about the dogs that work in our outback. ‘Working Dogs‘ book launched on Sunday October 27 at Collingwood Children’s farm here is a collection of their pictures documenting the bonds between farmers and their dogs.

Chocolate or Red Border Collies, Floss and Pepper pup at Vin Stapleton’s Bushfield Property, February 2013. Photo by Melanie Faith Dove

Paul Weeding and Tom the $12,000 dog on a property at Triabunna in Tasmania. Photo by Melanie Faith Dove

Tasmanian Smithfields at Campbell Town owned by Graham Rigby. Photo by Melanie Faith Dove

Driver and Daisy, 8 week old Red Heelers bred by Vicki Duncan in the wheat fields of Willaura, Victoria. Photo by Melanie Faith Dove

At the foothills of the Grampians, Anne Abbott sits at Mt William Station with Cass, Bang and Lucy. Photo by Melanie Faith Dove

Neil McDonald is a working dog and livestock handling instructor who travels all over outback Australia teaching people how to effectively use dogs on stock. He’s pictured at Delamere Station, NT. Photo by Melanie Faith Dove

Anthony Cox, Manager of Delamere Station in the Northern Territory prepares his dogs for the following days cattle muster. Photo by Melanie Faith Dove

Estelle Taylor takes her kelpies all around the Northern Territory with her partner Scott Roughley as they contract muster together. The pups are the newest rectuits, Delamere Station. Photo by Melanie Faith Dove

Delamere Station NT – dogs working the cattle in the yards at sunrise. Photo by Melanie Faith Dove

Nancy a Koolie shows the strength required to push a herd of cattle, Mareeba QLD. Photo by Melanie Faith Dove

Ice, a Koolie works stock at Mareeba Showgrounds. Photo by Melanie Faith Dove

Sky Blue, a Kelpie pup in training at Beloka Kelpie Stud. She displays a natural stalk and ability to hold her ground. Photo by Melanie Faith Dove

A Kelpie pup gets under Paul Macphail’s feet at Beloka Kelpie stud at Welshpool Victoria. Photo by Melanie Faith Dove

An armful of Kelpie pups at Beloka Kelpie stud at Welshpool, Victoria. Photo by Melanie Faith Dove

Lucy, an unwanted kelpie from a farm in Queensland, was rescued by Susan Purves. Now in Gisborne as a companion dog on small acerage, she sometimes herds kangaroos in the absence of stock. Photo by Melanie Faith Dove

Ebony, the Border Collie owned by the De Pury family of Coldstream. Photo by Melanie Faith Dove

Tony Cock musters thousands of cattle on the station at Theodore, Queensland. The use of dogs has meant the cattle come into the yards more relaxed and he has reduced the man power required to muster the paddock by over half. Photo by Melanie Faith Dove

Tony Cock with Pam, a much appreciated Border Collie and a great team member in his workforce, Theodore. Photo by Melanie Faith Dove

Pictured is Mack with Tony Willson doing the Kelpie High Jump which draws hundreds of spectators and news crews to the main street of Casterton every year. Photo by Melanie Faith Dove

Barmah Muster Jessie James sits up front whilst Ned rides behind. They watch the drafting competitions over the rail at the Barmah Muster in 2012. Photo by Melanie Faith Dove

Chipper, learning the ropes at Tottington, near St Arnaud. Photo by Andrew Chapman

David Hines and Collies. Photo by Andrew Chapman

Six year old Border Collie, Rach, learning to herd ducks at the Hay Show. Photo by Andrew Chapman

Black Kelpie at work at Tarana Woolshed, One Tree NSW. Photo by Andrew Chapman

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