Introducing Foodini: A 3D Food Printer

Foodini is a 3D food printer that looks stylistically clean in any kitchen. A great looking appliance matched by its functionality designed for use every day, it helps create sweet or savory cuisine.

Purple Potato Plate Divider

Ranging from everyday foods to more elaborate creations, Foodini makes food with height and shape (e.g., chocolate 3D figures), or flatter foods (e.g., crackers). As it’s technically a 3D printer, you could say we print food.

Valentine’s Day Cookies

The food is real food, made from fresh ingredients that you prepare in your home. One of our goals is to keep the food natural and appetizing.

Burgers Meat Printing

Burger Meat

Foodini does not cook food. If necessary, it can keep food warm as it works as it contains a heating element. You can think of it as an assembly (e.g., assembling ravioli, or printing chocolate in a shape) and finishing appliance (e.g., to design your food, or a plate decoration.)

Burger Roll Printer

Burger Cheese Printing

Burger Plated Open Top

We envision a future for 3D printed food that goes far beyond just chocolate or engineered food. (Although we do chocolate too!)

Fish & Chips

This is real 3D printed food.

Pizza Dough Printing

Pizza Sauce Printing

Pizza Before Cooking

Pizza On Plate


Quiche Spinach Dinosaur

A new generation kitchen appliance that combines technology, food, art, and design – on Kickstarter.

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