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Taiwanese Modder Turns Doom Eternal’s BFG 10000 Into The Ultimate Gaming Rig

Most modern PCs are manufactured in a way that shows off the hardware running inside of them, but few gaming rigs can top the appeal of a custom design.

Especially when that one-of-a-kind rig is modeled after Doom’s iconic BFG weapon. The ultimate-and biggest–gun in any version of Doom, this weapon of mass demonic destruction was the inspiration for a new build by Mark Celica of Mark’s Fabrication. Taking several design cues from the Doom Eternal version, Celica created a unique work of art.

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“I found that its original shape had a rich and curvy sci-fi style, and after I added some elements of my own, I think it felt more in line with my own style,” Celica said. “What’s special about it are the laser lighting effects and the design which enables it to lift. I used an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card in this computer mod, an Intel i7 10700K for the CPU, the motherboard is an ASRock Z490, and I used 16GB of ZADAK memory.”

The end result is a titanic frame housing multiple parts on a spinning base. Similar to the BFG cannon seen in Doom Eternal–you can’t just shoot a hole into the surface of Mars–the build shines with lights, lasers, and awe-inspiring presence.

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