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Heartwarming Photographs Capture The Bond Between Homeless People & Their Pets

Its an unfortunately common sight to see homeless people with animals for companions. The unconditional love and affection that a feline or Kanine partner can give to someone facing terribly hard times can quite literally be a lifesaver. Photographer Norah Lveine addresses that in her latest series of images she titles “Lifelines”.

The Liflines project states: “Regardless of the reason for their situation, the homeless rely on their pets for many things—most importantly—companionship. Many homeless pet owners use what little resources they do have to provide care and sustenance to their animal; food, bedding, etc., because their love and reliance on their pet surpasses all other priorities in life, they have little left for their own material needs.

The mission of the Lifelines project is to depict the bond between people and their pets, and document a relationship that has existed for thousands of years across all walks of life. The project’s purpose is to share the images and unique lifestyle of the pets of the homeless with the community of Austin.”

Rose with Junior

Kristin with Fat Mike

Jessika and Josh with Kendra and Malinko (dogs) and Maya, Fiona, & Garfield

Maggie and Eric with Dixie and Reptar

Sandra with Harley

Chuck with Baby Girl

Bobby with Poopsy

Pops with Wednesday

Lynn with Charlie

Courtney and Calvin with Odie and 2 Sox

Jedd with Alice

Sam with Mimi

Jeremy with Jynx

Daniel with Isis

Connor with Super Max

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