“Alien” Creature Mystery Solved in South Africa

Locals in South Africa were baffled when Llewellyn Dixon, a national park ranger, discovered what appeared to be the body of an alien creature lying in the grass. The mystery was solved when a local veterinarian performed an autopsy, identifying the creature as a baby baboon. Photos from Llewellyn Dixon.

A man measueres the mysterious creature’s wingspan using a tape measure. The creature was later identified as a baby baboon. (Photo Llewellyn Dixon/Yahoo News)

The body of a baby baboon, which initially baffled locals in South Africa, is pictured as it’s sprawled out on the grass. (Photo Llewellyn Dixon/Yahoo News)

A close-up view of the baby baboon that baffled locals in South Africa, who initially thought the mysterious reature was an alien. (Photo Llewellyn Dixon/Yahoo News)

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