Artist Asked People On The Internet To Give Her Random Emoji Combinations And Then She Drew Them

According to Linda Bouderbala: “There are many, many challenges about drawings on Instagram: Mermay, March of Robots, DTIYS, etc.

The only one I enjoy participating in is Inktober… Until I discovered this new challenge some artists I follow have been doing. It’s called the emoji challenge and it’s simple: you ask for emojis and make a drawing out of them!

I think this is a really challenging way to draw. So I decided to try and ask my community for emoji combinations (2 or 3). And I got a lot of emojis! I’ve done two rounds so far, the first using alcohol markers and the second using acrylic markers to get more vivid colors.

It’s funny how I can stare at some emojis for sooo much time without thinking of anything, and then one day, there is an idea! This is a really good exercise to stimulate inspiration and it’s really fun to do because it’s taken me out of my comfort zone.

I hope you’ll like the result!”

More: Linda Bouderbala, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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