Japanese Body Paint Artist Hikaru Cho Shows Off Surreal Animal-Human Creations

Cho was born March 29, 1993 and currently resides in Tokyo, Japan. In 2016, she graduated from the Department of Visual Communication Design at Musashino Art University. She has garnered domestic and international attention for her unique art where she applies real paint to bodies and objects.

She has made numerous media appearances including TV program Iitomo, has worked on corporate projects with Samsung, Amnesty International, and Shiseido, and has held many solo exhibitions. In addition to her work with paint, she also has worked on clothing design, illustration, three-dimensional art, and video projects. She creates collaborations with clothing brand Melantrick Hemlighet and tights brand Tokone, as well as posters, illustrations for smartphone apps, and designs for character merchandise.

More: Hikaru Cho, Instagram, Facebook

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