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The Surrealist Cube House as Mountain Retreat


Responding to an international competition to design a lodge to be situated in Slovakia’s High Tatra Mountains, Czech architectural firm Atelier 8000 has designed the disorienting geometric construction that you see above.

h/t: Hypebeast


Seemingly extracted from Stanley Kubrick’s Space Odyssey 2001, this structure is called the “Kežmarské Hut” and is intended to provide sustainable accommodation for high-altitude mountaineers year-round, able to function completely off the grid.


The outside is covered in reflective tiles of aluminum, glass and photovoltaics, along with a patio that wraps around two of the structure’s faces.


Inside, the building features an interior of glue-laminated timber beams of red spruce and is fitted out with wooden finishes and furniture. From afar, the building would surely make any weary adventurer question their own judgement.


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