Architects Creates Super Luxury Residence On Top Of The Seaport Crane

THEKRANE is an aesthetic oasis amidst an industrial landscape on the edge of Nordhavn, one of the last harbours under renovation in Denmark’s capital.

Spearheaded by visionary owner Klaus Kastbjerg and architect / master builder Mads Møller from Arcgency, the concept builds on its dark past as a crane for loading coal by using black as the colour scheme throughout. Fostering a soothing sense of serenity inside this multi-tiered structure comprised of a reception area on the ground floor, a meeting room called the GLASS BOX on the first floor, a spa and terrace on the second floor, and a private retreat on top called the KRANE ROOM with a lounge and terrace.

Leather, wood, stone and steel. They’re just some of the noble materials you’ll see in the furniture, designs and décor details. Not only is the furniture custom-made to fit the concept and the dimensions, the interior is constructed so the primary pieces disappear – with the beds, seating and cupboards integrated into wall panels and the functional pieces hidden away. The result is an extra element of discovery, where objects become like sculptures in a stunning still life. Everything is handcrafted by artisans in homage to Denmark’s expertise in craftsmanship.

More info: Arcgency

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