This Bright Pink Bubble-Gum Lake Can Perk Up Your Diet

Image: Bryan Anthonys

This pink luminosity is located on the largest island of the Recherche Archipelago on the south coast of Australia. Lake Hillier is separated from the Southern Ocean with only a thin soil stripe and filled with saline water. Standing out like a pink gem stone in the dense eucalyptus forest it strikes with the contrast against the greenery.

h/t: wherecoolthingshappen

Image: BackPacker Banter

The rare quality of its water does not disappear if the water is taken out. It may seem that the rosy undertone is made from a reflection. Yet, there is a special quality to this unique still and salty water – the pinkness is created by the presence of reddish microalgae with antioxidant qualities, so full of healthy carotenoids that they are even put in cosmetics and food supplements.

Image: Bid To Trip

Its exquisiteness best seen from above, this is one extraordinary lake. Good looking – and healthy!

Image: Found The World

Image: Found The World

Image: Inspired Tours

Image: Maxres

Image: Mufthansa

Image: The Veox

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