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Here Are Bizarre Emojis That You’re Going To Want In Your Life Right Now

Welcome to the wonderfully weird world of “Rejected Emojis,” home to all the cartoonified life occurrences that may not be as universal as the widely accepted emoji set, but are far more entertaining.

While standard emoji capture universal emotional states, like happiness, sadness, and the hear-no-evil monkey, the spurned bunch features more, erm, particular circumstances. For example, those moments when you feel like a clown losing custody of his children. (We’ve all been there.) The random and hilarious cast proves that there’s no such thing as a stupid emoji, though some are a little frightening.

With the help of Jesse Benjamin, Avery Monsen and Darryl Gudmundson, they compiled a Tumblr of offerings which ranged from the surreal to the sinister, the bizarre to the almost-could-be-true.

More: Tumblr h/t: huffpost, itsnicethat

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