Hope You Like Skulls

According to designer Billy Bogiatzoglou: “A series of personal print designs that started as simple experiments but ended up taking over my life. This series focuses on key patterns that influenced humanity through the millenia. We talking Aztec, Roman, Greek, Celtic, Geometric, Folk, Ornate and even Space Invaders made the cut. Everything is available on my Society6 Store for you to enjoy too. Thanks again for all the support! Hope you like them.”

Billelis is a nickname given to me by my parents in my teenage years of graffitiing and getting into artistic mischief. My full name is Billy Bogiatzoglou and I am a Digital Artist, Illustrator and Art Director currently residing in the UK. I have spent countless hours experimenting, learning and expanding my Digital skill set in order to create a personal style that can be best described as a colourful graphical explosion. Equipped with an overactive imagination, my sketchbook and my beloved Wacom tablet I aim to be a distinct source of creativity.”


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