Family Creates Scary-Good Replica Of The Shining’s Overlook Hotel In Gingerbread


Making gingerbread houses is a beloved holiday tradition, but chances are yours doesn’t have creepy twins or a bloody elevator.


One family created a replica of the haunted Overlook Hotel from ‘The Shining’, and posted photos of their so-good-it’s-scary handiwork on Reddit.


“We worked on and off for about two weeks,” agkeeling wrote. “My dad does all of the design from photos. We do one nearly every year – no duplicates.”


A gingerbread house complete with wallpaper and carpeting. No big deal.


For the outside, they added quinoa on the roof and for the entrance, and for the blood on the windows they melted red jolly ranchers and poured it onto wax paper. When they were cool enough to touch, they peeled it off the paper and hand pulled it into the splash shapes!


But the question is: do they actually eat it?

“We never eat them. They take so long to make that they’re super stale by the end. We usually try to destroy them in some fun way after a couple months!”

h/t: ew, messynessychic

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