Never Too Old: Ball Pit Party For Grownups!

A year ago swiss social media phenomenon @Zukkihund had posted an infographic which stated that the fun factor of visiting IKEA drops dramatically when you turn 9 and you are no longer allowed to enter the ballpit in the Småland play area for children. When @Zukkihund publicly asked if IKEA could throw a ball pit party for grownups, the feedback was – wonder why – overwhelming. And IKEA was in.

The swedish company always aims to communicate with a twinkle in the eye – and this idea promised a lot of fun! On Saturday, 27th of June 2015, IKEA opened the gates. A pool of 10×5 meter. Filled with more than 100’000 balls! (“Bölleli” is the Swiss german term for balls – so this was called a Bölleliparty!)


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