Photographer Hélène Veilleux Took Surreal Photos Of Abandoned Ship Graveyards In The Aral Sea

They told us that the sea had gone far beyond the horizon, leaving in his desperate flight a sandy and salty soil, and some hulls offering their tired shadows to animals of an infinite steppe.

Aral, his name is known to all , on the scale of a human life the immense salt water lake has given way to a Martian plain baked by the sun of Central Asia, a sea offered a burnt offering on behalf of the cotton monoculture and the geopolitics of water of the countries once bathed by its waves.

They told us that the sea will come back , its blue waters less salty than tears and more fishy than in our memories. Since we are waiting in the shade of the boats …

Photo project by Hélène Veilleux. She is a French photographer based in Lyon.

Baikonur, Chernobyl, Transnistria. The pictures of Hélène Veilleux are part of an attempt of questioning the real, exploring the concept of «Zone»: these spaces, whether real or fictional, where what we take for granted is a little less. Where certainties crumble, giving way to something certainly.







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