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Artist Used 145 Gallons Of Paint To Revive An Abandoned Pool On Roosevelt Island

“This piece is inspired by my color field installations that take up both private and public spaces. I love introducing color to spaces that seem neglected or forgotten. When people experience my installations I hope that they will remember the experience far after the moment is gone. My goal is to evoke subconscious feelings one may have forgotten when viewing my work.”

“I titled this piece “ASYLUM” because creating it pushed my mental and physical endurance so far I wasn’t sure I could complete the task. Roosevelt Island was also home to the Metropolitan Asylum and a community Inspired by utopia. After the asylums were closed utopia was created to try to bring new residents to the island. The island is within view from Manhattan but not many people visit it. Conceptually in the past, it was a place where individuals who couldn’t function in “normal” society were placed.”

“This installation viewed with Manhattan in the background does not blend it. I used 145 gallons of paint for it. It is different from its surroundings and this idea intrigued me knowing Roosevelt Island’s past life. Does being different than others mean we should be isolated? Maybe… But then life would just be grey.” – Eric Rieger.


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