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Artist Creates Incredible Paintings Using Fallen Autumn Leaves as Canvases


I don’t know about you, but for me fall has long become my favorite time of the year. This season with its melancholic beauty has something special about it. Falling leaves, gloomy sky, the murmuring of the rain – all this creates a magical atmosphere that can be felt only in the autumn air.


It’s no surprise that many artists and designers find inspiration in the charm of this season. However, self-taught Polish artist Joanna Wirazka goes beyond simply painting autumn landscapes. She takes advantage of what is given by Mother Nature herself, collecting fallen autumn leaves and using them as canvases for her drawings.


Wirazka creates incredible landscapes with colored pencils and acrylic paints which depict both urban environments and nature. In her artworks, you can see big cities from around the world, such as New York or London, and charming landscapes that show the silhouettes of trees and plants.


The artist certainly prefers drawing the night sky and manages to capture it in great detail, creating stars and various shades of clouds in her paintings.


In her profile on Instagram, Wirazka says that she is not going to sell her artworks despite many inquiries, explaining that the leaves are too fragile and rare. Indeed, just imagine how delicate you need to be when drawing on a fallen leaf without breaking it into pieces.


Wirazka also says that with her paintings on leaves, she tries to communicate the idea that humans need to love and respect the nature instead of destroying it.


“According to my paintings on leaves, I want to show that you can live together with nature. You can also be nature’s best friend, not an obstacle,” she writes.

Via The Mind Unleashed

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