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Adorable Moment Baby Bear Cubs Grasp Paws and Dance Joyfully in a Circle

A captivating series of photos appear to show a family of baby brown bears dancing to Ring a Ring o’ Roses as their mother relaxes behind a tree nearby. At just a few months old, two young males and one female gather in a circle, clutch each others’ hands and looks as if they are dancing to the popular nursery rhyme. It’s almost like a scene from a school play.

PE teacher Valtteri Mulkahainen was lucky enough to witness the magical moment and captured it on his camera which he uses as a hobby. He was travelling through eastern Finland when they came across the bears near Suomussalmi. Valtteri, from Sotkamo in east Finland, said: ‘When I saw them standing on their hind legs I thought I was imagining it. It seemed like I was in the middle of the magic forest in a fairy tale. If the bears began to sing I probably wouldn’t have been surprised because it was so unusual to watch.’

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