Another Young Makeup Artist With Mad Skills


Saida Mickeviciute, 19-year-old artist from London makes some amazing makeup work when she has free time. Have a look.

? Hey I just love circus??? #scary #halloween #face #paint #creepy #ima #lick #yo #face #clown #haha

A photo posted by Saida Mickeviciute (@saidaa1997) on

We ArE All MaD HerE.. ?? ?? #makeup #face #paint #halloween #vibes #pink #mad #cat

A photo posted by Saida Mickeviciute (@saidaa1997) on

?? Dealing with face demons #face #paint #demon #art

A photo posted by Saida Mickeviciute (@saidaa1997) on

??idk how to name this ?? (spider hybrid) #spider #goth #infected #makeup

A photo posted by Saida Mickeviciute (@saidaa1997) on

What does the fox say ?? #fox #makeup #face #paint #halloween #fire

A photo posted by Saida Mickeviciute (@saidaa1997) on

Wish Halloween was everyday thing ??? #halloween #vibes #face #paint #skull #scarf

A photo posted by Saida Mickeviciute (@saidaa1997) on

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