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Korean Artist Creates Eye-catching Balloon Food That Appears To Be Worthy Of Being Consumed


By means of his mesmerizing performances, the Korean artist Jiwon Lee is taking balloon twisting to a whole new level as a form of artistic expression. He is capable of creating practically anything with balloons, but the most astounding thing he has done is to construct realistic balloon meal platters.

Jiwon’s balloon cuisine is a visual “treat” and very amusing. From the intricately designed green onion pancakes to the spicy pork ribs that seem tantalizing, Jiwon’s cuisine is a visual “treat.” Having said that, it is abundantly evident that his masterpieces not only have the ability to make us hungry, but they also highlight his remarkable genius and imagination, thereby transporting us into a dimension… where balloons are everything.

More: Instagram h/t: boredpanda

[image] 9143

[image] 37616
[image] 306845
[image] 760058
[image] 1239117
[image] 1332198
[image] 1446736
[image] 1500318
[image] 1697677
[image] 1991876
[image] 2762315
[image] 2807408
[image] 3410230
[image] 3492224
[image] 3524925
[image] 4200813
[image] 4263448
[image] 4612270
[image] 5418742
[image] 5799239
[image] 5819525
[image] 5845706
[image] 6168515
[image] 6429274
[image] 6554497
[image] 6582942
[image] 6853343
[image] 6877195
[image] 7113179
[image] 7204856
[image] 7359232
[image] 7364637
[image] 7395201
[image] 7446510
[image] 7448873
[image] 7449873
[image] 7636998
[image] 7713217
[image] 7802281
[image] 8476543
[image] 8482741
[image] 8637169
[image] 9843978
[image] 9970248

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