15 Untranslatable Love Words From Around The World For Romantic Sweethearts Everywhere

“Firgun,” Hebrew.

If you are one of those fortunate people who knows more than one language, you’ll know that some words are just untranslatable. But help is at hand from illustrator Emma Block (working with Vashi.com), who shows us the meaning of these “untranslatable” words with her truly beautiful drawings.

“Dor,” Romanian.

“Cwtch,” Welsh.

“Cafune,” Portugese.

“Zhi zi zhi shou, yu zi xie lao,” Chinese.

“Viraha,” Hindi.

“Retrouvailles,” French.

“Oodal,” Tamil.

“Naz,” Urdu.

“Mo chuisle mo chroi,” Gaelic.

“Merak,” Serbian.

“Mamihlapinatapei,” Yaghan.

“Koi no yokan,” Japanese.

“Ya’aburnee,” Arabic.

“Gezelligheid,” Dutch.

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