Sekunda Glue: The Immortal Collection

“What does happen when you glue back things with Sekunda, over and over and make them every time as good as new? You create an Immortal Object. And that’s exactly what we did – we created The Immortal Collection, the first ever limited edition series of objects that will last forever – because they are sold together with a pack of Sekunda Glue.” Case by BBDO Russia.

The Immortal Collection of toys was on sale in hip chain of stores Respublika, in Moscow, for 1 month.
On Respublika’s website you could make any of their gadgets “Immortal” by just adding a free pack of Sekunda Glue to you shopping cart. The freshly made “Immortal Object” was then wrapped in the “Immortal Collection” pack and delivered to your home.

Creative Director – MIHAI COLIBAN

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