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Cheerful Portraits Of Cats Shaking Themselves Clean


Want to know how to capture a wacky portrait of your cat? Shoot a photo while they’re shaking themselves clean (or dry). That’s what photographer Carli Davidson did for her new project titled Shake Cats.


Davidson is a 34-year-old Portland-based animal rights activist who found most of her subjects from local animal rescues. After shooting a nice head shot of each cat for the shelter website — which helped them get adopted almost immediately — Davidson gave the cats a grooming session with nail trimmings and ear cleanings, after which the cats would usually shake themselves. If that didn’t do the trick, a few drops of water usually would.


The resulting portraits are wonderfully bizarre-looking!


Davidson has shot nearly 100 cats so far for the Shake Cats project. She’s publishing around 140 of them in a new book that’s coming out on October 27th, 2015.


Via PetaPixel

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