Photographer Captures Funny Portraits Of Celebrities From 1960s

Willy Rizzo (1928 – 2013) was an Italian photographer and designer, recognized genius and one of the best documentary photographers of the XX century. During his relatively long life, he has worked with several generations of celebrities – from Marilyn Monroe to Milla Jovovich. The photo series of his photographs of celebrities below were shot at his Studio Willy Rizzo in Paris in 1966 came out very funny.

h/t:, shootingfilm

Yvette Mimieu

Virna Lisi

Sylvie Vartan

Sophia Loren

Nicole de Lamargé

Marie Laforet

Martial Raysse

Mannequin, Studio Willy Rizzo

Kim d’Estainville

July Egerie de WR

Johanna Shimkus and July Egérie de WR

Jean Shrimpton

Jean-Paul Belmondo

Jane Fonda

Géorgia Quental

Elsa Martinelli

Charles Matton

Claudine Auger

Catherine Deneuve

Anna Karina

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