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Recycled 3-D Printed Art by Matthew Plummer Fernandez

Matthew Plummer Fernandez, a British-Colombian artist that specializes in exploring cultural and socio-economic factors entangled with art and color. To that end, he made use of a 3-D printer to create numerous different stunning works of art. Fernandez focuses on creating abstract “Glitchy Reality”, from scanned images and converting them into colorful physical presences.

The most famous of which these is Digital Natives, a series created using recycled materials. They were created by first 3-D scanning various household items like detergent bottles and watering cans. Then by distorting and abstracting the scanned image to create the “new primordial vessel forms” that you will see below. His zero-waste art collection has turned heads all around the world, dazzling audiences with their simple yet complex structures, like these beautiful bowls, teapots, and other handy holders. All of his 3-D artwork is bold, beautiful, and takes us into the future.

More: Matthew Plummer Fernandez, Instagram

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