The Chill And Retro Motion Pixel Art Of Motocross Saito

Pixel artist, designer, DJ and track maker Motocross Saito creates memorable GIF animations in a retro style, channeling ’80s and ’90s culture and music, with a focus on hip hop. Although he has been introduced internationally as the “loneliness GIF” artist, as Motocross Saito explains in this interview with CNN Japan, what he is really aiming for in his animated GIF pixel art is to “express a feeling that can soothe your mind, create a calming effect.”

Many of his animated GIF scenes feature a common character, perhaps his alter ego, a school girl with blue hair who seems to like hip hop, flips through LPs at record shops, makes music and DJs in her home studio surrounded by all kinds of electronic music equipment, and apparently lives with her pet German shepherd.

More: Tumblr, Instagram h/t: grapee, youtube

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