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Modern Logos in Chromatic Style by Martin Naumann

Designer Martin Naumann imagined what the logos of world-famous brands would look like in a futuristic-neon style. Martin Naumann is a multidisciplinary artist, and graphic designer, currently based in Dessau, Germany.

“Since 2015 I am creating designs and artworks for numerous clients and brands around the globe. When I started with graphic design, I worked mainly in the music industry, doing logos and album covers for various artists and labels. Currently, I am working on a wider spectrum of services, such as branding, packaging design, or custom illustrations.

My artistic style is often described as bold, colorful, and vibrant – abstract, but with a scientific approach. I create most of my work through generative and parametric design techniques, which means that chaos and randomness play a big role in my creative process. My goal is to create visual experiences, nobody has seen before,” he wrote.

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