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No-Shave Movember: Disney Princesses with Beards


In probably the weirdest and most unsettling commemoration of Movember (mustache November) that we’ve seen yet, blogger and illustrator Adam Ellis has created a series of images of Disney princesses with lush beards.


Did you ever wonder what Jasmine might look like with a long, black beard tied with ribbons, or how Cinderella would look with a robust mustache? No? Well that’s too bad, because what you are about to see cannot be unseen. The illustrations are simple but perfectly matched – you could imagine these bushy beards swirling and twirling as beautifully as these princesses’ dresses.


Ellis originally created a single picture of Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) with a bushy beard. After a Facebook fan urged him to create an entire series of bearded princesses, he quickly complied, leading to this wonderful collection of pogonotrophic princesses that he posted on Buzzfeed.


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