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This Creepy Fiberglass ‘Selfie Arm’ Adds The Illusion Of A Friend To A Self-Portrait Photo

By changing the context of a work, where it is seen or used, the meaning can be changed. What once was art becomes design and likewise, what was design transforms into art. The differences between the two once separate disciplines are in a constant state of flux, at times entirely indistinguishable. Residing somewhere in the middle, are artists Aric Snee and Justin Crowe, where they have honed their talents focusing on designs and works that challenge the dynamic of humans and technology.

Fascinated by the idea of technology and its illusionary ‘connectedness’ and ‘sociableness’, Snee and Crowe created the ‘Selfie Arm’. The sarcastic solution to a quintessential problem — nobody wants to look alone while they mindlessly snap pictures of themselves — the product conveniently provides you a welcoming arm. ‘Selfie Arm’ is made of fiberglass, is lightweight and portable. The collaborative project is a direct commentary on the growing selfie stick phenomenon, and the constant, gnawing need for narcissistic internet validation.

More: Aric Snee h/t: laughingsquid

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