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Designer Transforms One Dollar Thrift Store Clothes Into Trendy Outfits


A few years ago, fashionista Jillian Owens decided that she wanted to change how the world approaches fashion. Finding herself both disheartened by the rise of fashion giants with unethical labor practices, plus a bit broke at the time, the South Carolina-based writer and designer began exploring local thrift stores to find pieces of discarded clothing that has fabulous possibilities.


“I was worried about the impact on our planet as people tossed out their one-time-wear duds more and more quickly to make room for the newer & cheaper clothing,” she explains.


So on a regular basis, Owens hunts through thrift store racks to locate pieces that are filled with potential. She takes them home and, with a plan in mind, starts chopping, hemming, color dying, and reworking the material into outfits that are a bit more fashion-forward…and often only cost $1!


She puts the final touches on her trendy little outfits by adding a few accessories like big shades, cute shoes, or a belt, and voila! New clothes hanging in the closet without breaking the bank. Check out many, many more styles on her blog, Refashionista.


Via My Modern Met, Bored Panda

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