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These Beautiful Bonsai Skulls Bring The Dead Back To Life


Wish you could celebrate Halloween all year long? These unique bonsai skulls are just what you need. The handmade creations fuse the ancient tradition of bonsai with the creepy beauty of the human skull into a fabulous art piece that is socially acceptable to display all year long.


Created by Jack of the Dust, these skulls follow in the tradition of momento mori art (which means “remember that you can die” in Latin). Each one is completely handmade and unique. One features a traditional bonsai garden, another features a blooming cherry blossom garden, and the third features a miniature graveyard scene.


If you’re looking for a unique way to spice up your decor and discretely celebrate Halloween all year round, these bonsai skulls should do the trick!

h/t: sobadsogood

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