Japanese Hobbyist Explores Thalassophobia, the Terror of The Deep Unknown Sea with Stunning Dioramas

If you’re not aware of thalassophobia, it’s entirely possible–and reasonable–that you may have it without knowing it. It’s often generalized as a fear of the ocean, but in particular is the fear of deep and dark bodies of water. As wondrous as the mysteries of the ocean are, not knowing what lies beneath and thinking of it being right under you can send shivers down the spine of just about anyone.

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Japanese hobbyist Thalasso hobbyer has a talent for making amazing resin artwork and dioramas that blend the wonder and looming danger of the ocean’s mysterious depths, using thalassophobia as a theme for his models.

He’s lately gotten a lot of praise for masterfully crafted diorama depicting a mysterious seaside shrine on a cliff, with a whale-like creature emerging from the depths of the ocean. When viewed from the side, you can see how expertly Thalasso hobbyer is able to recreate the sense of unknown expanse in the ocean.

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