Baker Creates a Stunning 6ft Cake of Father Christmas Hugging an NHS Worker in Scrubs to Thank Hospital Staff for Their Work – Design You Trust

Baker Creates a Stunning 6ft Cake of Father Christmas Hugging an NHS Worker in Scrubs to Thank Hospital Staff for Their Work

A woman has baked a 6ft cake of a nurse hugging Father Christmas to thank NHS staff for their life saving work on the frontline.

More: Rosie Dummer, Instagram, Facebook h/t: dailymail

Rosie Dummer spent two weeks painstakingly preparing the giant cake which served up 1,200 portions and weighed more than 30st.

The mother-of-four, from Manchester, was asked to prepare a cake for Channel 5’s Amazing Cakes and Bakes, which is set to air later this month, and wanted to create a fitting tribute to the NHS staff.

She said she completed the cake in ‘record time’ after spending up to 16 hours a day over the two weeks crafting the edible treat before delivering it to the Royal Bolton Hospital.

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