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Italian Artist Illustrates the Sad Truth of Modern Life

According to Marco Melgrati: “I’m an Italian freelance illustrator from Milan. I work mostly for magazines, newspapers, and websites. When I work on commission I try to find an unusual and effective way to draw the topic that I have to illustrate. When I work for myself, to improve the portfolio, I choose a topic that I feel is more close to my interest.

When I work for clients I work mostly in digital because it is the only way to deliver artwork in the tight deadlines of magazines and ASV agencies; plus digital media allows me to work with people from any location in the world.

My residency is based in Vilnius, Lithuania. But since 2016 I’ve been traveling and living in different places: Thailand, Mexico, Colombia, and right now in Bal, doing what I think is called digital nomad.

I work mostly with Photoshop and Painter. It has been a beautiful experience seeing different places and people, but I started to be a little bit tired of moving every time: I think in the near future I will be back in Europe to stay.”

More: Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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