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100-Year-Old Hand-Colored Postcards Offer A Fascinating Glimpse Of Pre-War Japan

Cherry blossom at Mukojima, Tokyo

Postcards can offer a fascinating glimpse into eras that have long since passed. The Digital Collections of the New York Public Library (NYPL) has released a selection of postcards from Japan in the early 20th century. Comprising hand-colored photographs, these landscape snapshots represent the country—specifically the Tokyo and Yokohama regions—and the culture at a time when it was on the cusp of modernity. Many of the photographs are dated from the years 1907 through 1922.

h/t: mymodernmet

Yushukwan in Yasukuni Temple Tokyo

Iris garden at Horikiri, Tokyo

Nihonbashi dori Tokyo

A view of Minamitenma-cho (Great Tokyo)

High lantern of Sumiyoshi, Osaka

Theatre Street, Yokohama

Toyokuni Shrine Nakanoshima, Osaka

Sacred bridge, Nikko

Bronze torii & Yohmeimon Gate, Nikko

The pagoda of Toshogu, Nikko

Rice plantation

Akasaka, Tokyo

Matsushima Inland Sea (Three View)

Daibutsu, Bronzu Image at Kamakura

View of Kakehashi, Kisogawa River at Nakasendo

Shiraitono-Taki (A Waterfall) near Fuji Mountain

Kind of Rope Dancing

Waterfall of Riuzu, Nikko

Matsushima, Inland Sea (Three View in Japan)

Fujiyama, from Otometoge

Suwa Lake from Shiwojiri Pass, Nakasendo

Gongen Road Hakone

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