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After Going Through A Rough Year With Cancer, This Woman Takes Back Her Life By Doing This


If anyone needed a vacation, it was Megan Sullivan. After falling off a rock while climbing in Yosemite, she then was involved in a terrible car crash. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, she was diagnosed with skin cancer.

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After surviving her trifecta of bad luck, she gained valuable perspective and decided to seize the day and finally make the travel plans she’d been putting off. She had only ten days to plan the trip and decided to take a travel companion, a man she’d only known for two weeks.


Her itinerary would take her literally around the world.

Day 1: Chichen Itza, Mexico

Day 2 : Machu Picchu, Peru

Day 4: Cristo Redentor, Brazil

Day 6: The Colosseum, Italy

Day 8: Petra, Jordan

Day 11: The Taj Mahal, India

Day 12: The Great Wall, China

Day 13: Yosemite Valley, United States (back to where it all began.)

Megan made a video of her “wonders of the world”:

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