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This Swimsuit Shows Something These Women Don’t Want To Hide


Breast cancer is a desease many woman battle at some point in their lives. And like any human being, one of the biggest desires of someone going through this difficult ordeal is just to be able to feel normal again. Part of feeling normal is enjoying your own body and not being ashamed of it, and that’s why one woman decided to design a bikini that fit her perfectly – even after she had a mastectomy.


“The idea of Monokini 2.0 was born out of a need for clothing down as much as possible during a persistent heat wave. Having only one breast made finding fitting bikinis difficult, therefore I fashioned my own Monokini.”, says Elina Halttunen.

She, along with two artists, then developed a line of swimwear that would help these women feel more in tune with their own body.


“Having done that, I thought that maybe there would be others out there like me, women who wanted swimwear that would not make them feel that they were missing a breast. Besides, being one-breasted creates great possibilities for cool swimwear design.”








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