Artist Creates Steampunk Sculptures Of Pop Characters From Items He’s Found In His And Friends’ Basements – Design You Trust

Artist Creates Steampunk Sculptures Of Pop Characters From Items He’s Found In His And Friends’ Basements

According to Constance Ayusawa: “Georges Ayusawa is my amazing husband but also a talented artist based in Switzerland. He is an art director in the movie industry, so I’ve seen him creating art pieces from paintings to sculptures for particular locations but it was only a small part of his job…

Until DBFX Workshop contacted him with a crazy project. They asked him to create 25+ steampunk sculptures of pop culture characters in less than five weeks.

He decided to use only recycled materials as he loves to give a second life to objects. From old typewriters, candlesticks to vacuum, cans or car carpets… he used everything we and our friends had in our basements to create these sculptures.

I have never seen him this happy. This is why today I want you to see his work and encourage him to create more and be who he is meant to be – an artist.”

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