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A Surreal Sculpture Is Created by Joining Two Pianos Together with A Realistically Carved Octopus


In a daring artistic endeavour, Maskull Lasserre has converted two pianos into one captivating sculpture called The Third Octave, employing the realistic carving of an octopus intertwining the two pieces.

This work, which required about 2,000 hours to complete and heavy doses of risk-taking, with an uncertain end result, is a testament to the artist’s adventurous spirit.

More: Maskull Lasserre, Instagram h/t: mymodernmet

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The artist has intricately dissected each piano, with interior elements spilling out, so seamlessly fused that it appears as one elongated instrument at first glance. Aware of the potential controversy among music enthusiasts due to the transformation of these pianos, Lasserre ensured his work elevated these instruments into something thought-provokingly fresh.

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In his words, the transformation of a musical instrument into a sculptural object allows for the discovery of unexpected potentials, trading conventional sound for intricate visuals and thought. His ultimate aspiration was to craft a piece that echoed the inherent beauty of the instrument’s mechanism and the octopus’ anatomy, a resonance he hopes is encapsulated by his sculpture.

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