Cat Backpack That Looks Like a Real Live Cat

If you’ve been here long enough, you know just how much we love cat related content on this site. This time around it’s this incredible cat shaped backpack, and it’s made to look just like a real live cat! If you don’t feel like strapping your own cat to your back and have him hold your belongings in his paws, this cat backpack may be a great alternative!

The cat shaped backpack is a creation of the twitter user @picopoco08, who made a small run of the cat backpacks and sold them online.

More: Instagram, Twitter, Shop h/t: sadanduseless

The back of the cat backpack has a large zipper opening that lets you store tons of your belongings inside of it. Plus since the zipper opening is along the cat’s back, no one will really see that it’s an actual bag and not a real cat! We can’t imagine the amount of people that will want to stop and pet the cat that’s strapped to your back if you were to wear this in public anywhere!

The cat backpack features 3 harness loops where you attach the backpack straps, so when you’re not wearing it around on your back, you can release the straps and put the faux cat anywhere you like. Since the product listing is no longer on their website, there’s no word on what actually comes with the cat backpack, but we can only assume it comes with the detachable backpack straps.

Not only does that cat work as a handy and funny backpack to hold your belongings, but it also has posable arms and legs. This way you can have the cat holding an item while he’s strapped to your back, or detach the backpack straps and pose the cat in different positions for funny photo opportunities.

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