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Pies Are Awesome: Amazing Pies With Baby Yoda, Die Hard, Freddy Mercury And Other Pop Culture Icons From A Self-Taught Culinary Artist

This self-taught culinary baker not only brings a feast to the stomaches of a lucky few, but the pies that she bakes are a feast for one’s eyes also. Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin masterfully combines her love for traditional American sweet pies with her incredible artistic talent. The result – pies that look so good, it would seem like a sin to eat them. Her works are largely inspired by pop culture – she makes pies with various pop culture icons, whether they are real-life celebrities or characters from beloved cartoons.

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“I started baking pies for dietary reasons about 4 years ago. I had made a New Year’s Resolution not to eat any refined sugar or sugar substitutes for a year and became really desperate for some form of dessert that I could actually eat without cheating. I knew that I could theoretically make a decent tasting pie using just apples, spices, and unsweetened shortcrust pastry… I just had no experience in the kitchen. At that point in time, I’d only ever used my oven to bake polymer clay figures. But I was determined, so I bought a box of Crisco, followed the instructions on the packet, and made my first pie. And it was pretty good! I happened to cut out the shape of a dragon on top and my family thought that was neat, so I kept making artsy designs for my pie tops. As I searched online for inspiration, I discovered that the art of decorative pie baking fell out of fashion about 200 years ago, and I kind of took it as a challenge to resurrect the art form,” Jessica told Bored Panda

“To me, Pie Art isn’t a “new fad” – it’s the uncovering of a lost art form, a way of expressing our love of food and pop culture, a way of discovering new cultures, new flavors, new techniques, of stretching ourselves creatively and intellectually, a new way of providing special dessert treats for the health-conscious, a way of meeting new weird and wonderful people, a way of bonding with the next generation and passing on our love of baking, and most of all a new way of having fun!” the artist added.

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