Rock Climber Proposes To His Girlfriend In The Most Romantic Way Ever

Rock climber Luis Cardona recently asked his girlfriend to marry him, and his proposal totally rocked. He popped the question to Maddy Thorpe, who he met in August 2015, while the two were at Elevation Rock Gym in Logan, Utah. Enlisting the help of photographer India Earl, the two devised a plan. While Maddy was at the top of one of her climbs, Luis’s friends quietly appeared down below where they turned off all the lights and quickly decorated the gym with rose petals and string lights.

More info: India Earl Photography (h/t: boredpanda, greenweddingshoes)

“At first Maddy was a little frightened because she was hanging up there in the air in the pitch black!” Luis told HuffPost. “After she realized what was going on she started to cry. Then…I lowered her down and asked [her to marry me].”

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